7.542 billion pounds!Yichun had another bumper grain production last year

2022-04-18 0 By

In 2021, the grain production of the city again welcomed the harvest, the sowing area of grain crops in the city totaled 9.2059 million mu, the grain output reached 7.542 billion jin, an increase of 0.6 billion jin over the previous year, exceeding the target task of grain production issued by the province to the city.Since 2021, focusing on the goal of ensuring food production safety, the city has worked together to strengthen the bottom line of food production safety, consolidate responsibilities at various levels, and implement various subsidy policies in a timely manner, effectively protecting farmers’ vital interests and stabilizing their enthusiasm for growing grain.At the same time, actively promote the construction of agricultural infrastructure, 10 counties (cities, districts) have been built high standard farmland, the whole city exceeded province issued the construction task of 384000 mu, and sent food production guidance services task force food production technical guidance services, technical services, pays special attention to the “difference”, each link is not relaxed, pegMeasures to stabilize production and increase production will be implemented to help people stabilize their “rice bowls”.(Snow White)