Accepting the award with “little friend” Su yiming was an amazing experience

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Max Parrott (r) of Canada and Su Yiming of China congratulate each other after winning the gold medal in Beijing, Feb 7, 2018.Chongli, Hebei, Feb. 7 (Xinhua) — Mark McMorris, the bronze medalist in men’s snowboard slopestyle at the Beijing Winter Olympics, told Xinhua on Sunday that it was an amazing experience of his life to receive the medal with his “little friend” Su Yiming.After winning China’s first men’s snowboarding medal in history, su yiming, 17, said McMorris and gold medalist Max Parrott were his idols and heroes on his snowboarding journey.When reporters relayed Su’s words to McMorris, the Canadian veteran responded: “It’s a special magical feeling to be someone else’s idol. I feel very honored.”In fact, Suzy and McMorris are longtime friends, having first met at a snowboarding promotion event in 2010, the Canadian recalls.At the time, snowboarding was still in its infancy in China, and Ms. Su almost grew up there with the sport.”When I first met him, Sue was only this tall.”McMorris pointed to his waist. “It’s amazing to see Sue here again, after all these years I’ve become an old skater, and to fight Sue again and again!””Su is a great kid,” said the snowboarder, who won bronze MEDALS in men’s slopestyle at sochi, Pyeongchang and Beijing. “From the first time I met him, I felt his deep love for snowboarding and his motivation to improve himself.””As a snowboarder, I would say that’s what makes him successful.Su yiming is a real snowboarder.””I also want to say that HE has a bright future and I am very proud of him!”Source: Procuratorial Daily