Common electrical equipment for 110kV distribution of LNG receiving station

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1. GIS is short for gas insulated fully enclosed combined appliance.GIS is composed of circuit breaker, isolating switch, grounding switch, transformer, arrester, bus, connector and outlet terminal, etc. These devices or components are all enclosed in a metal grounded shell and filled with SF6 insulating gas with a certain pressure inside, so it is also called SF6 fully enclosed combined appliance.2. Main transformer, generally equipped with two, one can take the whole plant load, according to the long-term design planning of LNG receiving station, voltage ratio: 110kV/6.3kV, rated current 131.2/2291.1A.One end is connected with GIS through oil and gas casing, and the other end is connected with switch cabinet through cable.3. The main distribution equipment of 6kV is divided into inlet, feeder, bus, isolation and PT cabinet.It consists of bus room, handcart room, cable room and instrument room.4, reactive power compensation device SVG capacitor bank 5, 380V switch cabinet, drawer switch cabinet6, 6KV three-phase oil-immersed transformer, model S11-800/6, variable ratio is 6.3kV/0.4kV, three coherent type transformer, 6 sets of models for SCB11-400/6, 5 sets of models for SCB11-250/6, variable ratio are 6.3kV/0.4kV.An Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) consists of a rectifier, an inverter, a static switch, a manual bypass switch, a voltage transformer, a LCD display, and a diagnostic System.The online UPS is now introduced. In normal operation mode, the main power supply is powered by rectifier inverter, and the inverter is always in operation state (selected by design).The rated discharge time of the battery is generally 10 to 30 minutes. When there is an emergency generator, it can be shorter. The rated load lasts for 30 minutes.Main components of UPS8 and EPSepsEPS: namely, emergency power system mainly includes rectifier charger, battery pack, inverter, interswitching device and controller, etc.Generator set model :VGS2600HV, rotational speed: 1500RPM, common power: 1800kW/2250kVA, diesel engine MTU brand, generator Liliema brand.It is mainly used for emergency load in various areas, including fire fighting equipment, tank pumps, air compressors, UPS and so on.