“Cover the certificate of flight attendant” reflects humanistic care

2022-04-18 0 By

On the evening of March 22, reporters from the China Media Group entered the scene of the core rescue of the China Eastern Airlines plane crash.When seeing a certificate of China Eastern airlines crew member, the reporter immediately stretched out his hand to cover, indicating the camera to avoid: “This do not give close-up, I hope its owner can be safe.”Netizens were moved by the gesture, saying it showed respect for the crew.Facts are the life of news;It is a journalist’s job to present facts.Journalists have a duty to present facts objectively, but that does not mean they can be callous observers.Reporter is first of all a person of flesh and blood, in the scene of the report in the face of the horrible scene SOB tears, when the discovery of passengers when the conscious block, not only does not damage the responsibility of the reporter, just proved that humanistic care is the most basic ethics of reporters.The public’s affirmation of the reporter’s tiny gesture after the report was published is enough to say what kind of report the public wants to see, and to prove that there is no impassable gulf between fact and emotion.After the plane crash, many we-media rushed to the rescue, including groundless speculation, exaggerated words, scary headlines, patchwork pictures and clips of videos.They are not necessarily unconcerned about the crash, but there is no denying that they are still traffic oriented at this point.There are also stories that show parts of the truth rather than the whole truth, that extract parts of the truth rather than the whole truth, and even interviews with already inconsolable relatives that do secondary damage.This pattern of lack of respect and care has caused public disgust.Some experts pointed out that it is inappropriate to post pictures of family members crying at the airport on the Internet., deputy director of the Chinese center for disease control and prevention center for mental health Ma Hong in an interview, suggested that the media and the public in the moment of the crash reports and dissemination, should be pay attention to give the participants and their families the respect they deserve, “psychological aid does not begin from professionals in place, but from media reports should be”.Disaster reporting should always put human concern in the first place, because life is always the most precious.The fact will not be covered up because of emotional involvement, but the report is warm because of human nature.In the following rescue, news reports including we-media will continue to face such a choice in a long time to find out the plane crash, but as long as we insist on life first, we will surely make the right choice.(Gu Liang)