In the northeast so many Shandong people, their own dialect?explain

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The Northeast Dialect we can hear is the northeast dialect of heilongjiang, Jilin and Liao provinces. Few people can associate Shandong dialect with northeast dialect.In modern times, northeast China was an immigration area, and most of the people in the three northeastern provinces came from Shandong, because many people from Shandong entered the Northeast.Many people from Shandong entered the northeast, but there were also immigrants from Shanxi, Hebei, Henan and other places.After entering Northeast China, people from different places got together to live together. They all brought their native language and culture with them. These languages and cultures blended with each other and eventually formed the Northeast accent we hear today.Although the three northeastern provinces are composed of immigrants, but its own history is measured by hundreds of years.Only because the Qing government regarded the northeast region as their retreat, they were not willing to have a large number of people from the pass to the east of Shanhaiguan.Therefore, the Qing government issued several bans forbidding immigration to the three northeastern provinces.Therefore, immigration to the three eastern provinces east of Shanhaiguan used the word “chuang”, which not only indicated the uncertain future of going to the cold zone, but also the risk of violating the prohibition of the Qing government.Because the pass is really more people and less land, especially mountain people, really can not survive, just dare to risk the ban to enter.It was from the end of the Qing Dynasty and the Period of the Republic of China that the real large-scale chuandong began.When the People’s Republic of China was founded, the three provinces of northeast China had a population of over 4,000 people.In such an environment, people need to communicate with each other, and this communication requires a mutually understandable language, which forms the unique cultural characteristics of the three Northeastern provinces, among which is the Northeast Dialect.Due to the wars in the late Ming dynasty and the early Qing Dynasty, Sichuan became a desolate place.In order to really occupy Sichuan, the Qing government began to implement the famous “Huguang Filling Sichuan”, moving a large number of people from hubei, Guangxi and other southern regions into Sichuan.Although the immigrants in Sichuan are mainly huguang landlords, the languages of the two areas are very different. In order to communicate with each other, they have evolved over a long period of time, forming the unique Characteristics of Sichuan today.China’s largest peninsula in Shandong, shandong Peninsula bohai sea is opposite the Liaoning province, such as Dalian, as these places in the three northeastern provinces, here is more like a coastal city.The accent of these people is very similar to that of the people of shandong Peninsula.In the long journey to the east of the Pass, apart from walking to the pass on land, some people from Shandong province entered dalian, Liaoning and other areas from The sea of Yantai, and many people stayed and settled down here.According to a census, more than 60% of the residents in Dalian and its vicinity have ancestral roots in Shandong.Under the influence of immigrants from Shandong, Dalian dialect is very similar to Shandong dialect.