Mom cries when she can’t find her daughter

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“Feed, one nuo (pseudonym) kid hurriedly go home, did you hear mother call you?”In the evening of February 16, a residential area in Jing ‘an district, from the police car loudspeaker out of the call for people.Originally, Ms. Wang, a citizen anxious to the police for help, said that her 10-year-old daughter went to the same community friends home to do homework, originally agreed to go home at dinner time, but the result was almost dark did not come back.As I did not know the specific address, information and name, I had to turn to the police for help.To speed up the efficiency, a “propaganda search” opened.Around 5:45 PM, pengpu town police station arrived at the scene.At this time, worried Ms. Wang said that her daughter and her grandfather were at home that day, a girl from the same community came to play with her daughter at home, and then went to the girl’s home to do homework, but the specific where to, completely do not know.It was getting darker and darker, and the police car circled around looking for it in the community. Ms. Wang was also getting worried and cried.After 20 minutes of anxious searching, a distant voice outside the police car called.Public immediately in the neighborhood of a flower bed, found a girl figure flash.Fortunately, it was a false alarm.Police here to remind children and parents, in the future encounter similar situations, we must pay attention to understand the specific information and circumstances where children go, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble.Shangguan by Jing ‘an, Shanghai