Nine measures to serve the masses and enterprises!

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To seriously implement the epidemic prevention and control work of suzhou city public security bureau traffic administration on February 18, 2022 issued a “about suzhou epidemic prevention and control during the adjusting part of the announcement of public security traffic services business (can poke above picture details) for maximum security epidemic residents supplies and daily necessities transportation vehicles,To provide convenient services for the public and enterprises to handle the business of vehicle driving management, nine measures for the management of vehicle drivers serving the public and enterprises during the key prevention and control period of COVID-19 are introduced.A specific content is as follows, to guarantee on business “emergency management” DMV the establishment of the epidemic disease emergency vehicle registration registration, driver’s license redemption “emergency window”, such as opening special “green channel”, the ambulance transport, epidemic prevention and medical personnel, medical devices, protective equipment such as epidemic prevention and control materials, and transport vehicles of vegetables, grain and other residents the necessities of life,Point-to-point services will be implemented to ensure convenient travel for emergency vehicles.For the latest epidemic prevention and control vehicles that have been put into use in batches due to the needs of epidemic prevention and control work, we will actively and proactively provide relevant departments and units with centralized service for vehicle and driver license processing, and do special and urgent work to ensure that vehicles and personnel are put into epidemic prevention and control work as soon as possible.Ii. Further promoting “Online Handling” of Traffic management business Further promoting the application of “Traffic Management 12123” mobile APP, comprehensively implementing the online handling of 26 businesses such as temporary license plate and replacement of license plate, and making every effort to ensure the timely acceptance and completion of online business.People can log in to the Internet Traffic Safety Integrated Service management platform ( or the “Traffic Management 12123” mobile APP, directly online or on the palm.(For details, please click the link on the right) → During the epidemic, traffic management business can be handled online!Extending the mandatory scrapping Period of Motor vehicles For the period of mandatory scrapping of motor vehicles between February 13 and April 30, 2022, the period will be uniformly extended to June 30, 2022.From February 13, 2022 to April 30, 2022, the confirmation time of Internet pre-selected number will be extended from three working days after the original number selection to Before June 30, 2022.From February 13, 2022 to April 30, 2022, the cancellation period of driving licenses that have not been renewed for more than three years will be uniformly extended to June 30, 2022.The validity period of learner’s driving certificates will be extended by 3 months for motor vehicle drivers whose learner’s driving certificates have been accepted and issued before February 19, 2022.For drivers who have applied for full score education on the Internet before May 16, 2022 but have not completed it, the validity period of the full score education record for motor vehicle drivers will be extended by 3 months.Extending the retention Period of original Motor Vehicle License Plate After handling the business of motor vehicle transfer, cancellation, alteration of moving out, alteration of new energy vehicle license plate, the retention period of original license plate which has reached 2 years from February 13, 2022 to April 30, 2022 will be uniformly extended by 3 months.From now on to April 30, 2022, the limit on the number of times of issuing temporary driving license plate will be temporarily cancelled. For those who handle the transfer business, the limit on the number of times of issuing temporary driving license plate is not more than 2 times.Knitting series of nuclear hair | | xia Ming zhang blue to write a message source | suzhou traffic police We look forward to communication with you in your heart