“The killer is not so calm” do friends and relatives watching Ma Li Wei Xiang appeared

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1905 Film network on January 26, by Ma Li and Wei Xiang starring, Yan Fei, Peng Damo production, xing Wenxiong script-writing and directing comedy film “The killer is not so calm” in Beijing held relatives and friends to watch the cinema.Director Xing Wenxiong and leading actors Ma Li, Wei Xiang, Zhou Dayong, Huang Cailun and Han Xiao appeared on the scene and had a warm interaction with the audience during the post-screening communication link.At the same time, the director Zhang Eat Fish, Shen Olympic Games, Zhang Dapeng and other industry friends also came to help, and after watching the movie expressed their love for the movie.Wei zifeng send the year of the tiger happy qualified director industry praise activities on the same day, director XingWenXiong with wei zifeng, da-yong zhou, Huang Cai Aaron, Korea’s smile all together, sometimes happy together for the audience to the year of the tiger is limited, and you share together with site when shooting experience and experience, to present the audience with a joke in the New Year gift!In addition, the creators of each other broke the news, after the interaction is also a burden.Jimmy (Chow Dayong) and Wei Chenggong (Wei Xiang) have a strained relationship in the movie, but are close friends in real life.”There was a scene in which Xiang spoke Italian, because he didn’t learn it, and it was very difficult to speak the language. He couldn’t sleep every day, dreaming in Italian,” said Zhou Dayong.Wei xiang laughed and said, “Thank you for giving me a translator. When I finished shooting, I kept talking beside me. I recited 10 sentences in six days.”At the same time, a number of industry insiders came to support, directors Zhang Eat Fish, Shen Olympic Games, Zhang Dapeng and other have expressed their recognition of the film.”First of all, CONGRATULATIONS to Director Wenxiong and Xiang Ge, TODAY I am here to learn, good package, good story, good style, I believe this effect is obvious to all, will be a big seller.The director of the Bid also said, “It is very good. I have a lot of empathy as a filmmaker after watching it.I made a decision after watching the play, and I was even more convinced that I would never make a comedy again, because it could not be made by Director Wenxiong.”As an alumnus, director Zhang Dapeng gave wei Xiang a call on the spot: “I feel very great, WEI Xiang and I should have been in grade 03, he is an acting department, I feel very good to see him so good today.”In addition, the film “The killer is not too calm” the creators of the film by virtue of unique acting and super appeal, the harvest of the audience’s unanimous praise.Wei Xiang’s performance was particularly popular. During the post-screening interactive session, one of the audience prepared a very special gift for Wei Xiang — an emoticon with a bare teeth and a sense of joy. He said that many of the audience thought he was very much like this emoticon and thanked Wei xiang for bringing them joy.In response, Wei Xiang responded: “I also read the comments many people said so, thank you for remembering my face, as long as you are happy to say I look like anything.”In addition to bringing laughter to everyone, the film also encouraged many people to have a dream and insist on it.One viewer said, “We have seen a lot of stars who have overcome hardships just like in the movie, so I feel it was very difficult for everyone, and I would like to thank the creators and crew for providing us with such a quality movie.I sometimes play a small role in the film crew, as a guest star. I also hope to be on the big screen one day, like Wei Xiang.”This is also the blessing wei Xiang wants to express to everyone through the film: “I want to tell the young people who are struggling and trying to walk on the road in winter: maybe you are a little tired, I hope this film can bring you a little strength, give you more strength.”The Killer is not too calm will be the first laugh of the Year of the Tiger in the happy atmosphere of the Spring Festival.