The low pay after graduate students, in fact, is not the boss too dark!

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Some PhD students do not want to stay in the university to teach after graduation, in fact, because the threshold is too high, the competition is too fierce, knowing that their hope is not much, they have chosen to work in some companies to make a living.During the Spring Festival holiday, several of us got together to reminisce about the good life in our school days and talk about our jobs after graduation.During the meal, they were always complaining, which roughly meant: “For those of us with high degrees, we work as white collars in a large company. It is decent enough to say that it is a kind of high-level intellectual labor, and the value created to the society is not small.But the take-home pay is not as good as a runner, not even as good as a rag collector!”On January 4, 2022, Guangming Daily published a special report: Starting from June 2021, Peking University has set up a research group called “National Employment Survey of College Graduates” to conduct a questionnaire survey on the employment situation of college graduates across the country.According to the survey results: in 2021, 49.3% of college graduates will work in institutions;Meanwhile, the average monthly salary of junior college, bachelor, master and doctor is 3,910 yuan, 5,825 yuan, 10,113 yuan and 14,823 yuan respectively.The median was 3500 yuan, 5000 yuan, 9000 yuan and 15000 yuan respectively.The survey also pointed out that despite the impact of COVID-19, the average income of graduates at all levels of education has increased compared to 2019, indicating that the quality of employment has not decreased but is steadily improving.However, graduates’ earnings growth has often been based on working longer hours.One of them, a PhD student, worked as a book editor in a cultural company in Nanjing after graduation.Execute generally “double rest” today, their company still is single rest, saying is to work 8 hours every day, want to exceed 10 hours actually most of the time.It is such a decent but hard work, a monthly salary of only 10,000 yuan.When he first joined the company, his salary was 8,000 yuan. It took him more than three years to raise it to more than 12,000 yuan.Their company’s management system is quite strict and harsh, late for a deduction of 100 yuan, no pay during leave, overtime also no pay.Bonus is a little bit, every month down 1000 yuan, every half a year, but if the month is not full attendance, the bonus will be gone.He is only an ordinary editor, and the editor in charge is only over 20,000 yuan, not to mention compared with the developed cities in the south, the monthly income in the eastern region is not particularly high.What is the income of a recycler?At the north gate of our community, there is a waste collection station. It is not a big shop, but every day, there are some old men and women pushing abandoned baby carriages, which are filled with waste products such as cans, mineral water bottles, kitchen seasoning bottles, newspapers and books. They come here in the morning and afternoon, and three times a day on weekends.Because the couple of waste collectors are very good to talk to, people are also good, basically the entire community of residents he knows, sometimes often help others to take a free express, repair a small household appliances, but also in invisible increased advertising, scrap sellers are basically introduced to his home.At the end of last year, he bought an Audi A6 and rented a large store for his daughter to sell clothes on the pedestrian street in the community. The rent is 50,000 yuan a month, and he employs 3 employees, and the decoration should cost 200,000 yuan.When they first came to our neighborhood, they only had a small tricycle, and they could earn this in three years, an Audi and a shop and that was quite ok.How much money they make each month is hard for outsiders to fathom.Relatively speaking, collecting waste is a kind of work with low investment, low risk and a reasonable income. As long as one works hard, he can feed his family in second – and third-tier cities.Generally speaking, let alone a small editor in a cultural company, the average employee in many industries, even a white-collar worker in a large or medium-sized enterprise, may not get a higher salary than a waste collector, let alone a shop in a prosperous area.In recent years, although the era of “those who make atomic bombs are not as good as those who sell tea eggs, and those who use scalpels are not as good as those who use razors” has passed, this only represents that the income of the elite class has increased greatly, but that of the ordinary intellectual class is not optimistic.Especially just graduated graduate students, not to say for high salaries, can smooth employment is a problem.The number of college graduates in 2022 is expected to reach 10.76 million, breaking the 10 million mark for the first time.Such a huge employment group into the society, can really wish to get above the average line wages?I can’t even think about it.For this phenomenon of income imbalance, my classmate’s conclusion is that the boss’s heart is too black.In fact, from the perspective of economics, how much reward a person can get is not determined by which boss has a red heart or a black heart, but the result of market resource allocation, which is formed in the long-term market exchange.As we all know, the most basic economic law affecting the market is the relationship between supply and demand, and the price of goods is determined by the relationship between supply and demand. The more the supply is not needed, the higher the price will be.And if the supply is much greater than the demand, the lower the price.Under market economy condition, a person’s professional knowledge and level ability, is also a kind of commodity, also accord with the law of supply and demand.In recent years, it has become a common phenomenon that it is difficult for graduate students to find a job. Whether you graduated from 985/211 famous universities or some ordinary universities, you will face this serious problem.Graduate enrollment has expanded year after year, the supply of tutor graduates exceeds demand, and the increase of jobs is very limited.In the words of the student who is engaged in editing, “There are relatively few editing positions. People in the industry can almost tell how many newspapers and publishing houses there are in a city.How many liberal arts graduates can all the colleges and universities in the country produce in a year?This number is not an astronomical number, but it is a relatively large number when compared with editorial positions.Fortunately, however, there are some private cultural companies appropriate complement, how much can give those arts students employment, add a little faint light.In Nanjing, hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students apply for an editor. There are too many graduates to go round. Do you think the salary will be high?Mid – and high-level managers and research and development talents earn high salaries because they are still scarce, which is just like the Old Chinese saying, “Scarcity is the essence of wealth.”While it is difficult for graduate students to find jobs, some technical school students have become hot property. Not only enterprises are scrambling to get them, but also their salaries are rising again and again.However, with the continuous expansion of the university, graduate students, many technical school enrollment scale is also gradually shrinking, which has caused such a situation: technical school students less, social demand has increased, that value will naturally improve.So, under the influence of supply and demand, how much a person gets paid, in fact, with his degree of hard work, and he does the decent and not decent, related degree is not particularly big, a person’s knowledge, also is not the key factor that affects its income level.Even if a graduate student knows his professional knowledge well, if he has no practical needs in the society, he will find it difficult to make a basic living, let alone enjoy a high salary.In the real society, since the income of graduate students is not as high as that of collecting waste products, why don’t graduate students sell vegetables?Although there are graduate students from prestigious universities who sell pork, it is only an isolated case compared to the large group.I also with that classmate half joking half seriously say: “you don’t light whine, also can go to collect waste.”He put it off by saying he was not cut out for business.Income is not the whole factor of employment What occupation should graduate students engage in?To this question, remuneration income is only one factor affecting the employment choice of graduate students, but not the whole factor.Among other things, not only graduate students, almost all people choose to engage in a job, in addition to the consideration of income, but also to consider the face problem.For that student, being an editor is obviously much more respectable than collecting waste: air conditioning, computer, desk, good working environment, access to CBD office building, relatively stable life rules.But to collect waste, they have to go out early and come back late, no holidays, all day in dirty places.In the traditional view, people who run small businesses are usually at the bottom of society, and most people would not do such things as long as there are other ways out.In addition to salary, decent, of course, there are personal interests in it.The process of a person’s work is also a process of self-enjoyment, self-pleasure and self-realization of value. For example, some graduates nowadays would rather be hungry every day to engage in literary creation.Others see him all day poor and idle, abjuring also some miserable, but he felt quite satisfied.And, of course, risk aversion.Psychologists have found that the vast majority of the world’s population is “risk averse”, which explains why most people prefer a structured commute to starting their own business.Because, although earn to go to work a bit less, however very straight cent is stable, the company lost to earn, that is the business of the boss, oneself should do their own job according to the requirement only to go.You put in a day’s work and you get a day’s profit.On the other hand, if you sell vegetables or collect waste, you will lose your income on a rainy day.More development prospects.It is human nature to strive upwards.Go to graduate school, improve your degree, and get a more decent job.These days, big companies have a much wider platform to grow from, although they make less money and have to check in with their bosses every day.Here, compared with small companies, small businesses, you may be able to mix in the middle and senior management, become the people, rich, status, rich and expensive.No matter this dream can be realized in the future, as long as you mix in the company, it is possible to achieve.If you’re collecting waste, it’s hard to move up.Even if quite profitable, it is rich without status, rich but not expensive.Therefore, graduate students choose to go to work, although the salary is relatively low, but they can dream.Dream, perhaps is the office worker get another kind of reward!