The shortest coach in Chinese football history?Kind does not palm soldier, “old man” Li Xiaopeng is not suitable for the national football team

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China’s hopes of qualifying for the 2022 World Cup were all but extinguished after a humiliating 3-1 defeat to Vietnam.Li Xiaopeng, head coach of The National football Team, apologized again: “I apologize to all the fans. The loss was mainly due to the design problems before the match, which could not be remedied later and the score was unacceptable.”This is the NTH apology since Li Xiaopeng took office.”All the players tried their best today and the timing of the two goals had a big impact on the tempo of the game,” he said. “I take full responsibility for the loss and I’m very sorry.”After losing to Japan, li xiaopeng said, “The responsibility is all mine.Go ahead and do what you want…”I think of the coach who apologized repeatedly and said “I take all responsibility”. His name was Jia Xiuquan…Led the women’s football team to a series of disastrous exits at the Olympics…Kind not palm soldier, “old man” Li Xiaopeng is not suitable for the national football team?Unlike Jia Xiuquan, who ran the army strictly, Li Xiaopeng was a real moderate.As soon as he took office, he showed a “high emotional intelligence” that his predecessor, Li Tie, did not possess.He did not blame his players for the consecutive defeats, but only emphasized his own tactical design.However, Wang Stopped the ball 2 meters away, Zhang Linpeng saw the opponent cross, wei Shihao turned into Greenwood to carry the ball until dawn, which was not taught by Li Xiaopeng.Li Xiaopeng took good care of the players’ emotions and even took responsibility for them to share the pressure every time they lost. But how did the players repay him?There are no boundaries, no sense of responsibility, no sense of shame. “It’s the manager who loses – he says so!”(Li Xiaopeng: I just say, you seriously how?)It may be the shortest coach in history: after losing to Vietnam, Li Xiaopeng is very likely to resign after only two games of national football team, becoming the shortest coach in the history of National football Team. (1) Li Xiaopeng was appointed to replace Li Tie, who was in the center of public opinion storm, as the head coach of National football Team at the critical moment.People don’t expect much from him, but there’s a line — not too ugly.Losing 2-0 to Japan is acceptable, but losing 3-1 to Vietnam, and that badly, has crossed the line.(2) In his summary after losing to Vietnam, Li Xiaopeng even mentioned that “Chinese football will rise, but it needs efforts from generation to generation”.Is there a little bit of a farewell speech?(3) Losing to Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year…The poor performance of the national football team, the social response is very big, need a person to carry the blame…If Li Xiaopeng dismissed, who will be the next national football coach?Zheng zhi?Or continue to be li — Li Jinyu?Li Xiaopeng was just unfortunately selected by the football association: in fact, Li Xiaopeng did not want to be the coach of the National football Team, at least not now when.(1) Li Tie took the National football team out of the tournament and couldn’t get out of the back line.Li Xiaopeng now took over, one could not lose to Vietnam (really achieved), as the “then national football coach” will be remembered forever.(2) The ability of the native players of the National football team is appalling. Although there are naturalized players, those who try to pull the national football team are no match for those who lag behind. The naturalized players have been “assimilated”.(3) This National football team is extremely disunited. Although it has been training for the longest time in the world, it has not established a tacit understanding. The attack and defense are disjointed on the field, and there are many situations where one person holds the ball and N people watch.(4) When Li Xiaopeng was the head coach of the National football Team, the Football Association gave him dozens of assistant coaches (the national football team has more than 50 players, the coach is more than the players), but also in the national team grouping let the assistant coach lead the team to play matches……Li Xiaopeng this is not to be a head coach, more like to be the captain of the class.Zheng Zhi, Li Jinyu, Sun Jihai, Zhao Junzhe, Shao Jiayi, Sun Xiang…The teaching assistants were full of people as senior as he was.The whole team listens to him Li Xiaopeng a person?Is that possible?Reality?But even if the national football coach is only in name, “Li Xiaopeng when the national football coach” is more like an order, he dare not not to ah.In fact, after watching this and the last world preliminary match, we all understand that although the coach is helpful to improve the fighting ability, but in the final analysis, the National football team is inferior to the people, the lack of ability to determine the line.We spend so much time and we don’t produce enough players and we don’t have the mechanisms in place to produce good players.Blame the players for the problem of player ability, but who is to blame for the problem of development mechanism?Li Xiaopeng took the initiative to take responsibility as soon as he took office, and then kept apologizing, is to attract firepower to the national football team and the leadership — no wonder that he is high emotional intelligence!Is Li Xiaopeng in situ class back to go “defeated Vietnam” this big pot, or will choose to stay to carry the pot for everyone?B: Well, maybe he doesn’t have the right to decide for himself after all.This article by hundred: drunk sword prodigal son original published, welcome attention, please note.Like the friend please long press the end of the article to a three even, support the author to write more!# China #