While cristiano Ronaldo is on holiday in Dubai, girlfriend Georgina shows off her six-month-old baby bump and isn’t afraid to wear stiletto heels

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On January 29, Georgina posted a picture of her family playing on the beach in Dubai.Georgina, who is six months pregnant with twins, looked stunning in a blue swimsuit, headscarf and sunglasses.Even though Georgina is only six months pregnant with a boy and a girl, she is already heavily pregnant.But pregnant women always seem to have a belly, and Georgina only has a big belly. Her face is still thin and angular, and her arms and shoulders don’t have excess weight.Georgina celebrated her 28th birthday on January 27.It is reported that it is the off-season of the English Premier League and the players are taking a rest.Ronaldo took his time off and flew his family to Dubai on his private jet to celebrate his girlfriend’s birthday.27 night, dubai’s most distinctive tower burj Khalifa, rented by Cristiano Ronaldo.Ronaldo wished his girlfriend a happy birthday by projecting her face onto the burj Khalifa in a laser show.Ronaldo decorated a balcony opposite the Burj Khalifa with a stunning view as the family happily celebrated Georgina’s birthday.George wore a classic yet playful black suit with feathered cuffs and trousers.But georgina’s six months of pregnancy didn’t stop her from slipping into needle-thin nude heels.As well as her twins, Georgina already has a daughter, four-year-old Alana, with Cristiano Ronaldo.Given cristiano ronaldo’s family-oriented personality, georgina, who has been dating cristiano ronaldo for five years, will almost certainly be Mrs Cristiano’s next wife.