Zou wenhui on the spot urged the rectification of ecological and environmental problems in the Yangtze Economic Belt

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On February 18, Zou Wenhui, party secretary of Loudi, went to Lengshuijiang city and Xinhua County to supervise and investigate the rectification work of the disclosure of ecological environment warning plates in the Yangtze River Economic Belt.This is Zou Wenhui in Lengshuijiang City Zengjiachong sanitary landfill site inspection.Zou Wenhui inspected the scene in Yangjiashan, Xinhua, to learn about the rectification situation of hunan Central Renewable Resources Utilization Co., LTD.Zou Wenhui on-site inspection to understand the xinhua County landfill related problems rectification.Zou Wenhui urges the rectification work of ecological and environmental problems in the Yangtze River Economic Belt to firmly shoulder the political responsibility of ecological civilization construction and vigorously promote the rectification of ecological and environmental problems rednet Moment Loudi February 19 (Reporter Zou Wuxiong Peng Min) February 18,Zou Wenhui, Party Secretary of Loudi, went to Lengshuijiang city and Xinhua County to supervise and investigate the rectification of the disclosure of ecological environment warning plates in the Yangtze River Economic Belt.He stressed the need to fully implement Xi Jinping thought on ecological civilization, resolutely shoulder political responsibility for ecological civilization construction, adhere to a problem-oriented approach, strictly implement responsibilities, focus on real reform, and make all-out efforts to rectify ecological and environmental problems, so that ecological priority and green development become the clear guidance of high-quality development.City leaders Xie Junyi, Xie Xuelong, to ganyong to participate.The 2021 Yangtze River Economic Belt ecological environment warning board revealed that the leachate regulating pond in Lengshuijiang Municipal Zengjiachong Sanitary Landfill site was not sealed as required, the leachate treatment capacity was insufficient, and some leachate overflowed and discharged directly.After the problem was disclosed, Lengshuijiang city investigated and verified, and found that the leachate discharge was more than the landfill’s own equipment treatment capacity, resulting in leachate overflow.The city has made detailed arrangements for rectification, built and completed an emergency regulation pool, comprehensively covered exposed garbage in the reservoir area, and is stepping up efforts to improve the rain sewage diversion and leachate treatment system.Zou Wenhui went to the scene to see the rectification work.He stressed that the responsibility should be consolidated, the rectification of detailed problems should be strengthened, scientific and technological support should be strengthened, and work measures should be improved to achieve the best results in the most economic and scientific way.We must formulate rectification plans in a scientific and precise way, give full play to the role of experts and professional institutions, adhere to the law and regulations, seek truth from facts, and resolutely reverse schedules against task lists and conduct wall charts. We must never lower standards, relax requirements, take shortcuts, or go through superficial procedures, and ensure that problems are rectified in a timely and orderly manner.List of problems in Hunan in 2021 Yangtze River Economic Belt Ecological environment warning sheet Feedback related problems of Hunan Central Renewable Resources Utilization Co., LTD., Xinhua County Datian Copper and tungsten Mining Co., LTD., And Xinhua County domestic waste landfill.Xinhua county immediately set up a rectification work leading group, respectively formulate rectification plan, clear rectification requirements, goals, responsibilities, measures, time limit.At the scene to see the relevant rectification work situation, Zou Wenhui stressed that we should adhere to the problem oriented, systematic planning, precise policy, compaction rectification responsibility, solid rectification implementation, to ensure that sales on schedule.We need to carefully analyze the causes of these problems, strengthen accountability, and hold enterprises accountable throughout the whole chain of review and approval of substandard projects, oversight by government departments, and enterprise entities, rather than simply taking them apart.We need to focus on the guiding principles of planning, pursue targeted, scientific, and law-based governance, and focus both on the current situation and the long term. We need to take targeted measures to control pollution and restore the ecosystem to problems that cannot be completely solved at the moment, firmly control the sources of pollution, and ensure that secondary pollution does not occur.We should draw inferences from other examples, and on the basis of the feedback problems of the eco-environmental warning film on the Yangtze River Economic Belt, carry out in-depth self-examination and self-correction, effectively seize the initiative in our work, and continue to make persistent efforts to achieve greater results in ecological progress.