Airbus invested 900 million yuan in Canada’s A220 production line, when will it be the turn of China’s Tianjin A320 production line

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As we all know, Airbus has five final assembly lines in the world, which are respectively in France, Germany, the United States, Canada and China (for details, please refer to “Airbus escorts American Athletes to the Winter Olympics, counting the five final assembly lines of Airbus aircraft”).Airbus A350 final assembly Line 1) Toulouse, France: Airbus A320, Airbus A330, Airbus A350 (and the A380 before it) 2) Hamburg, Germany: Airbus A3203) Mobile, Alabama: Airbus A220 and Airbus A3204) Tianjin, China:Airbus A3205) Mirabel, Canada: Airbus A220.So what’s with airbus’s announcement of more investment in its A220 production line in Canada?Take a look.Canada and Airbus announced yesterday that they will jointly invest $1.2 billion ($3 for Canada and $9 for Airbus) in airbus’s Final assembly line in Canada, according to the Daily Aviation News.The move is aimed at increasing the productivity of the Airbus A220 in Mirabel, Canada, while maintaining and creating new jobs.Mirabel, an outlying suburb of Montreal, is home to the final assembly line for airbus’s A220 aircraft.Airbus recently recognised the value of the plant and announced its decision to make a major investment.In addition, the company recently said it needed to hire at least 500 workers on site as production of its Airbus A220 aircraft ramps up.Now, the manufacturer is proud to reveal a joint investment with Canada to help expand production of the Airbus A220 planned for the site.In February 2020, Canada and Airbus became co-owners of the Airbus A220 program, following Bombardier’s withdrawal from the Canadian commercial aviation market.With more than 660 orders and nearly 200 deliveries, airbus A220 has become increasingly popular with customers since its launch.Airlines increasingly favor the balance of comfort and economy in narrow-body aircraft, a key reason for their deployment.Between the Airbus A220-100 and airbus A220-300 variants,Delta Air Lines, Air Baltic, Air Canada, EgyptAir, Korean Air, JetBlue, Air France, Air Tanzania, Qantas, Iraqi Airways and Breeze Air all fly the Airbus A220 family of aircraft.Airbus company holds a 75% stake in airbus Canada limited partnership company, while Canada holds a 25% stake in the other two, help the economic recovery in the global aviation industry constantly changing conditions, to meet customer demand for faster production, airbus and Canada decided to joint investment in Canada airbus A220 assembly line, in particular,The Canadian side invested $300 million, while Airbus invested $900 million.This investment will help sustain thousands of jobs in Canada’s aviation sector while supporting the creation of new jobs.Francois Legault, premier of Quebec, shared the following in a statement.”Today’s announcement is significant for our aerospace industry.We are investing $300 million in the Airbus A220 program.It will protect 2,500 high-paying jobs in Mirabel.Airbus is a good partner for Quebec.The company continues to rely on Quebec engineering to build one of the most promising aircraft in the world.”Notably, the investment marks a possible delay in the Quebec equity acquisition until 2030.The initial equity purchase is scheduled for 2026, underscoring the long-term value Canada sees in the plan.Guillaume Faury, Airbus chairman and chief executive, added in the statement: “The global aerospace industry has been showing signs of recovery for several months.Single-aisle aircraft, including the Airbus A220 designed and assembled at the Mirabel final assembly line, are among the first to recover from the aftermath of the pandemic.In addition, our recently announced A220 orders and 2021 delivery figures confirm this.”The A220 has a strong order book with nearly 500 aircraft to be delivered over the next few years.”While there is a second assembly line in Mobile, Alabama, the final assembly line is in Mirabel iii. Growth Continues It is worth noting that there is currently a backlog of 475 Airbus aircraft on order. This investment will help Airbus Canada increase its deliveries to airlines worldwide.There is additional interest in the airbus A220 variant, as well as increased interest in Airbus models in different regions.As a result, we can expect a lot of further development of the Airbus A220 programme during this decade.At the same time, airbus is also expected to increase investment in Tianjin A320 final assembly line of China. After all, China is one of the countries with the best epidemic prevention and control in the world and has a strong momentum of economic development. In addition, China has the most important aviation market, so airbus’s increased investment in Tianjin final assembly line of China is definitely a win-win situation.What do you think of airbus and Canada’s joint investment in the Canadian Mirabel final assembly line to support production of the A220?Do you think Airbus will increase its investment in the A320 final assembly line in Tianjin, China? Leave a comment!