Car seat belts also need maintenance

2022-04-19 0 By

Dear life, please fasten your seat belt.It’s a cliche, but make sure you wear your seat belt while driving.Today the master spoke about the maintenance of seat belts.Car seat belt also need maintenance mainly check the internal coil spring generally people think that the seat belt is placed there, do not need maintenance, but for a long time down the seat belt may also be “b”.In fact, the safety belt will also aging, mainly manifested by the aging of the internal spring coiling device, the safety belt will be too loose or can not be tightened in time, at this time the safety belt has begun to “stop b work”.In an emergency, if the seat belt is too loose, it can easily cause the occupant to slip out of the seat belt, causing serious injury.If the seat belt has been subjected to a strong tensile load during use, it should be replaced, even if it is not damaged.After a collision, whether the airbag explodes or not, maintenance station personnel should be asked to do a comprehensive overhaul of the relevant safety system.How to check whether the safety belt is qualified?Check whether there is any foreign substance in the lock buckle. If dust enters the hinge of the shoulder seat belt, it will slow down the reaction of the seat belt. Clean it with a clean dry cloth in time.If the seat belt is aging or damaged, go to a professional repair shop to replace it in time.If the seat belt is too dirty, use neutral soap and luwarm water, and wet it with a cloth or sponge. Do not use dye or bleach, as it may corrode the seat belt, and do not use a hard brush to avoid reducing the tensile strength of the seat belt.Do not use the seat belt until it is dry.