Carbendazim not as effective as tap water?Internet users compared the results of the experiment to surprise people

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These days, the earth returns to spring, all things revive.Many flower lovers in Hefei have started the rhythm of “buy, buy, buy” online.When the flower friends received the purchase of flowers and green plants, the business will give a few bags of compound fertilizer, biological organic fertilizer carbendazim, root powder, etc., so the business of these gifts of sterilization spirit, compound fertilizer can play the effect of caring for the growth of flowers and trees?Online shopping gift carbendazim root powder small experiment results are shocking: gift carbendazim sterilization effect is not as good as tap water net friend told the reporter about the experiment process, first found three POTS of the same size disposable plastic cups, respectively planted with long mycelium.The net friend gives the merchant free carbendazim, tap water, a brand carbendazim, respectively add 500 ml pure water, do a comparative small experiment.After spraying sterilization for ten days, the result was amazing. The gift carbendazim changed the color of mycelia, and even grew a lot of white mycelia and maroon bacteria, but it was obvious that the bacteria were living well.In the cup sprayed with tap water, the long mycelium was completely destroyed.Netizens doubt whether it is because tap water is used in the purification process of chlorine gas, itself has a sterilization effect;However, after spraying carbendazim of a brand purchased by netizens, mycelia disappeared, but the color of fungus turned black, indicating that bacteria had changed a growth mode and still lived in the cup.The experimental results obtained by netizens are surprising, the bactericidal effect of tap water is better than the effect of carbendazim given by merchants.In view of the experimental results of users, the reporter consulted hefei Water Supply Group, staff said that “has been strictly in accordance with the national drinking water quality standards and norms for tap water disinfection, to ensure that the factory water and pipe network water chlorine qualified.”Water supply group staff introduction, hefei city each water plant are using sodium hypochlorite disinfection, adding chlorine and residual chlorine index compared with before and no obvious changes.Can I use the fertilizer that comes with flowers?So, can you give away all kinds of small bags of fertilizer?The reporter consulted the staff member of horticulture of provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences at this point.The staff recommends that freebies be used with caution.It’s best to test it on some plants first.For example, if a plant has more than 10 seeds of instant fertilizer and still doesn’t burn its roots, it must be fake.Alternatively, the fertilizer can be dissolved in water, which, if not melted, is essentially sterile.It should be noted that the fertility of slow-release fertilizer lasts longer, while the fertility of quick-effect fertilizer is released quickly and basically exhausted in about a week.When domestic potted flower, had better choose the compound fertilizer that a few normal manufacturer produce and organic fertilizer.Especially organic fertilizer, smell with nose, decompose the organic fertilizer after ferment does not have peculiar smell basically, feel quality of a material to be able to compare soft and dry.Online shopping compound fertilizer gifts how to distinguish true and false?Provincial academy of agricultural sciences horticulture institute expert proposal, after flower friend receives compound fertilizer and so on gift, the production license that sees commodity outer package above all, fertilizer registration certificate, product certificate is all ready effective.Special quick effect compound fertilizer generally after extrusion, granulation or disk granulation and other complex production process, color is light gray or gray white, particle size uniformity.Fake and shoddy quick effect compound fertilizer general not deep processing.They are crude or just mixed.The color is not very pure and the granularity is not very uniform.Some surfaces are powdery, forming lumps that are not easily crushed by the hand, but are not soft and vary in hardness.Pinch a few quick effect compound fertilizer at the same time, smell.Ammonia taste is generally low content quick effect compound fertilizer, or mixed with carbon ammonia.If there are other peculiar smell, it may be false quick-effect compound fertilizer. The nutrient content of real quick-effect compound fertilizer is more than 25%, and it is not easy to decompose and melt, so the composition is relatively stable, and there will be no peculiar smell and ammonia taste.Declaration: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: