Harden was traded to the 76ers, breaking up the Nets’ big three

2022-04-19 0 By

At the trade deadline, the Nets and 76ers made a blockbuster trade yesterday, in which the Nets traded Harden and Millsap for Simmons, Seth Curry, Draymond and two first-round picks (one unprotected 2022 and one protected 2027) from the 76ers.This means that the “Big Three” of Durant, Harden and Irving are officially disbanded.Irving’s refusal to get vaccinated led to a sharp decline in his playing time and other reasons, the Nets have a poor record this season, the big three lineup has been virtually dead.Harden also had thoughts of leaving the team.Nets general manager Mark Marx revealed harden’s desire to leave had nothing to do with the team’s recent losing streak and struggles.The big three haven’t spent much time together over the past year for a variety of reasons, and that’s more frustrating than a 10-game losing streak.According to U.S. media reports, Harden wants everything to revolve around him in the Nets the way he did in the Rockets, especially on the offensive end.Harden, meanwhile, wants the Nets to play the way the Rockets did.However, it was also opposed by Durant and coach Steve Nash.Durant and Nash want the offense to move the ball more.After his ideas were rebuffed, Harden went into hiding from time to time, even criticizing his teammates and coaches to NBA officials and reporters sitting courtside.What’s more unacceptable to the Nets’ hierarchy is that Harden doesn’t seem to care about all the questions and criticisms this season.That led to the Nets finally deciding to move Harden.Harden, who has bird rights in the deal, is eligible to sign a five-year, $269 million deal with Philadelphia this summer if he declines a $47.4 million player option, with a $61.7 million annual salary in the fifth year.(Xinmin Evening News reporter Wang Zhiling)