In That Year, Our Summer, Cui Yuzhi and Jin Duomi interpret not only a love story but also a paradise to heal us

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(please consider the following content involves the plot BaoLei, reading) “the show, I’ve always wanted to you, I really want to you, when you appear again, as long as you in front of me, I was puzzling about you angry, I really hate you, but now I like to know why, I just want to see you loved me, I want to see you only love me a, show, please you always love me,Don’t let go. Just keep loving me, please.”Summer is too easy to compare with youth, all love is always the most unforgettable first love, as if in real life economic embarrassment, dream pressure and time changes, can be in that year’s first love, some of their sweetest feelings.Cui Xiong (Cui Yu plant) and the delay show beautiful (gold) once a summer in high school, become a documentary documentary subjects, the school first and the entire school last, two people meet is the most relaxing thing in life, Cui Xiong don’t have to think of the pain that was abandoned by his father also don’t have to worry about the delay show home environment is poor, they are each other the best of youth,In the documentary image, in the exquisite painting brush, in the salt that waited five years to sprinkle.Is hard to imagine themselves immersed in the reason of that year, our summer, when the story is very simple, Cui Xiong with the show set is not difficult, drama cleverly arranged in their body in a supporting role, also under the seemingly glamorous appearance, hide the anguish, Cui Xiong brothers zhi-xiong jin (金圣喆) is the silence of the documentary director,Work ability is immersed in a period of years of bitter love, also do not understand their mother;NJ (Played by Lu Justice) is the top idol has been criticized, for their image packaging, clearly appears tired but to pretend to be strong;Agent Eon-hao and bistro owner lee rate yi also have their own character on the soft ribs.Everyone has their own suffering, just do not know to speak out, think not to care can live well.”Because the only thing I can give up is you.”Giving up doesn’t mean it’s not important.Memories always shine and are full of magic. When that camera appears, it is not only a picture, but also an event, allowing all the lights, props, body movements and dialogues to surge in their own waves and make the magic of youth show again.What is faithfully presented in the drama seems to be the strength of love, but in fact most of them are weak. Cui Xiong, Guo-Yeon-soo, Kim Ji-xiong and NJ and other people, who does not feel inferior?Think happiness is less than its own light, each of them felt nothing, Cui Xiong show always feel ill at ease, and countries Cui Xiong left the delay show into self denial of the infinite circle back, did not dare to close to the world, show fear of losing my grandma, let oneself bear completely, do not know how to help all people around you, they are too afraid, afraid can’t get anything.Guo Yanxiu finally want to ask a hypothetical question, if I…But Mr. Choi said, no, stop.I think they do not need to assume that we are all lonely, naive and timid. Only by accepting our imperfections can we aspire to be better.That will make you stronger, so you can have a pair of wings to fly.”I want to become a better person,” Choi said.Guk Yeon-soo said, I will start to like my life.I really like the arrangement of the director. In Summer of Our Lives, the main characters have experienced so much, they have been lost and sad. They know that “love” will not always be as they imagine.All we can do is thank.Cui Xiong and the country yanxiu will therefore let go can not control the future, that year we are very beautiful, why one day so separated?But if I am lucky enough to meet you again, I would like to say thank you, so that Cui Xiong can finally bring the sentence “I love you”, which has not changed since the beginning.It’s a love story, not only directly, that year, our summer is the dream of shangri-la, healing the people in the summer, I spent we had come from the dark ages, to tread the tree lost its arrived in isolation, follow the sun, when we grew up all disappeared, clearly the road signs, do you still have a dream, I also have the brush,How everything is different now.Goodbyes are necessary.Choi Ung, Guk Yeon-soo, Kim Ji-woong, NJ, Gu Eun-ho, Lee Su-yi and many other supporting characters, they still have to go through a field of fate, but they have to accept it, say “I love you” to those who are willing to stay around, and love each other’s loneliness.Undoubtedly, this is the most correct way to open a summer full of youthful smell.