Morante: I felt like I had a bad game, missed too many layups, missed too many turnovers

2022-04-19 0 By

The Grizzlies beat the Magic 135-115 on the road on February 06.After the game, Grizzlies player Jia – Morante spoke to the media.Of his performance, Morant said he felt like he had a bad game, missed too many layups and turned the ball over too much.Speaking of the team’s highlights in every game, Morante said whenever the players step on the field, they want to send a message, always play hard, have a sense of energy and run on the pitch, which leads to great goals.Referring to the air catch play between Earl Williams and Dantony Melton, Morant said it came from the game NBA street basketball, and he praised the team’s unselfishness and athleticism.Morante finished with 33 points, five rebounds and seven assists on 14-of-21 shooting.Melton finished with 16 points, 10 rebounds and two assists on 6-of-13 shooting.Williams finished with 11 points, one rebound and two assists on 4-of-8 shooting.