Purple star currency don’t spend, Valentine’s day yao sister star legend probability of free, Sun Ce doomsday mecha giant handsome

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This year’s Valentine’s Day skin must have heard, all know that the two skin to the cloud jun and yao.Yao get the legend of the skin at the same time, will also get a star legend, this is also confirmed by a number of bloggers.So if you plan to buy yao’s star legend, then you should leave a good purple star currency, at least 200 purple star coins to prepare.However, players without purple Star coins do not have to worry, when the time to draw is not impossible, and when the draw has the opportunity to directly draw the permanent skin.In addition, sun Ce’s Doomsday skin has also been revealed recently. According to netizens, this skin will be launched at the end of February.What’s going on? Let’s take a look.Purple star coins don’t spend a star legend skin needs 300 purple star coins, if it is in the magic sphere directly extract so much purple star coins, then the price is almost the same as a glory of the skin.So most players get purple star currency by daily tasks and accumulation in the mall, a month that more than 30 purple star coins.And now yao star legend skin to line up, if you do not want to spend extra points to buy purple star currency, then now it is necessary to reserve good purple star currency.Because yao star legend unlike other star legend, this skin is limited, will be off the shelf, if the shelf time does not start, then can not start.Valentine’s Day yao sister star legend probability of free of course, if there is no purple star currency, then you can not worry, until the time when the star skin shelf in the start is not too late.If you draw purple star coins now, there is a definite benefit, that is, magic Orb raiders discount, five consecutive draw only 200 honor points, 70 honor points cheaper.And if it is to wait until yaoxing legend on the shelves when the extraction, there is another benefit.This benefit is the opportunity to directly obtain yao’s star legend skin.As we all know, magic ball raiders can draw purple star money, but also the probability to draw star skin or star accessories and star legend.And now in the prize pool, star legend is diao Cicada’s midsummer night dream, when yao star legend online, will be replaced by yao star legend.So if luck is better, you may directly draw yao’s star legend.Sun Ce Doomsday machine armor online giant handsome doomsday machine armor skin is a skin series launched long ago, this series is only two skin, a legend an epic, respectively belong to Sun Shangxiang and Sun Ce.The skin quality of this series is also very high. Although it looks a little bad now, it was the highest quality skin of the same level when it came out.And in the previous period of time, there is news that the mecha doomsday series is about to usher in a new member, the hero is Sun Ce.The credibility of this news is naturally very high, because the design draft was immediately revealed after sun Ce revealed the skin of Machine Doom, which can also prove that Sun Ce does have the skin of machine Doom series.However, the netizen who broke the news did not say why Sun Ce’s skin was rejected, because it actually looks very good.However, whatever the reasons, this design has become a scrap draft, indicating that the quality of the skin prepared by the authorities is higher than the quality of this design draft.As a result, it is naturally more worth looking forward to, and the quality of this skin is undoubtedly legendary.Although it is said that purple star currency can be free at ordinary times, but now the difficulty of obtaining Purple star currency has increased, because it is more difficult to get purple star currency for daily tasks, so it is not enough to really use it.There are more purple star currency naturally keep, no such as yao star legend online after extraction, so good luck can be directly obtained.Sun Ce’s doomsday mecha should be on the line soon, netizens broke the news that the end of February, although not sure whether it is true or false, but it still has some basis.