“The Beginning” : Wang Mengmeng bus encountered “sexual harassment”, her approach, has become a negative case

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Article | tail demon girls find ever encountered “groping” experience?What would you do if you were being groped, especially on a bus?I also had a sexual encounter.There were not many people on the bus, and the man put his hand on mine.I had a very strong reflex and immediately pulled my hands away from the man.The person beside sees me very big reaction, all indescribable frighten a jump.I didn’t say anything. I’m a coward.But at the moment of the groping, I was taken aback.Your first instinct is to pull away and stay away from him.I have seen a lot of news about “flirting” on buses, some of the girls are very “just”, or slap each other directly, or shout at them, or ask for help…In short, no matter to the courage of me, or the courage of them.Either choose confrontation, or choose to flee, in short, will not obediently stand there, give others “opportunity”, let others continue to “card” their “oil”, worse.However, our king meng Meng.How did she do it?Her approach made me think, puzzled.Obviously there are many times to escape the opportunity, but let that “glasses man” touch, with the body friction.Her only reaction was to frown defiantly, but she wouldn’t run away. What was she thinking?In the final episode, Glasses guy targets the camera girl first.The “photo girl” spotted someone getting off and had an empty seat.The “photo girl” took the vacant seat.Go to the “selfie feature.”Then the “glasses man” turned to get close to Wang mengmeng.The first step of “Glasses man” was to grab Wang mengmeng’s hand.Wang mengmeng’s reaction was to immediately withdraw her hand and stand there with her head bowed.At this time, she could have chosen to walk away from the “glasses man”, but she did not.The “glasses man” then went on to hit Wang with his pants and then put his hand on her gluteus maximus.She still stood where she was, allowing glasses man to move on her.What did she do for herself, other than her “facial expression” being miserable and frowning?”Photo female” took the “glasses male” wang Mengmeng implementation of the violation of the photo, was wretched men found.She then immediately grabbed her phone and pretended to take a selfie.The man in glasses walks back to the door and stares at the “photo girl”.At this time, just arrived at the station “Yanjiang East Road” station.”Photo girl” afraid of retaliation by “glasses man”, quickly escape out of the car.At this time, I did not continue to give Wang Mengmeng lens, but I know that only “photo female” got off, Wang Mengmeng did not choose to get off.At this point, I don’t understand.Why the normal station, clearly this time, “glasses man” has not her side, why does she not choose to get off at this station?Or hide behind the driver or someone else?And the man with glasses had already left Wang Mengmeng to pay attention to the “photo girl” who got off. Would he return to Wang Mengmeng after the “photo girl” got off and repeat the previous action?Really, feel “the beginning” : Wang Mengmeng bus encountered “sexual harassment”, her approach, is a negative case.Because she doesn’t call for help or even hide when she’s being attacked.Allowing her large hands to rest on her gluteus maximus.Try to ask: if, when “glasses man” approach, touch her hand at the first moment, not just pull back, but walk away, far from “glasses man” some position, “glasses man” will follow?Did he not run away because he would follow?Ask: even if the courage is small dare not sound, but has been normal to the site, you can get off.Why did Wang Mengmeng not get off when she stopped the car?Even if she was too timid to ask for help, Wang had a chance to avoid being harassed.Why did she frown instead of going away and ducking away?After “Yan Jiang Dong Lu” arrives at the station, she does not get off.Then, after the car started, ran to the driver side “trouble” driver, emotional, clamoring to get off.I want to ask: this character, this practice, and the previous is completely different from two people, early why to go?Conclusion: If we encounter sexual harassment in the bus, even if we dare not shout, we should try to avoid, rather than let others do what they want, infringe on their own.Wang Mengmeng encountered sexual harassment, all her reactions are illogical, and can be called a negative case.ღ(´ · ᴗ · ‘) Search tail demon original article, handling, plagiarism shame, please respect yourself.Write attentively, adhere to the original.Look forward to three views of the same, like-minded friends pay attention to me!