The Hong Kong Fireeye lab was built in just 10 hours

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Fireeye Lab in Hong Kong.Equipment engineer of Huada Group in Hong Kong “Fireeye” studio.More than 100 testing equipment were shipped from Shenzhen to the Fireeye laboratory in Hong Kong.The omicron strain has recently caused a new outbreak in Hong Kong, making concerted efforts to combat the epidemic a priority.At this time, the “Fireeye Laboratory” developed by shenzhen huada Group once again appeared in Hong Kong, shenzhen Huada staff immediately went to Hong Kong to support.As a staff with rich experience in fighting COVID-19, BGI Soup Shenzhen was among the first to help Hong Kong.Instead of taking time off to be with his family, he and his team set out without hesitation.Under the escort of “Shenzhen Speed”, Tang Jiansheng received the relevant documents to Hong Kong on the second day of the mission to help fight the epidemic.Subsequently, more than 200 employees and more than 100 sets of world-leading anti-epidemic testing equipment from the Mainland arrived in Hong Kong one after another. The “fire Eye” laboratory, which means “fire eye, gold eye”, was set up at a very fast speed.1 McEwan jr – responsible for Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, foshan, xiamen “will” in the land of four laboratory deliveries, the rescue of Hong Kong’s “shenzhen speed” to the senior disease resistant personnel deeply regrets: colleagues go all out to build “so” the speed of the lab in Hong Kong, yantian entry-exit personnel to rescue personnel to deal with the speed of the relevant certificates, instruments and equipment in shenzhen customs extremely fastThe speed of customs clearance has become the key to the rapid operation of the Fireeye laboratory and helping Hong Kong fight the epidemic.Tang Jiansheng joined Shenzhen BGI Co., Ltd. in 2009 and is the delivery leader of the Hong Kong “Fireeye” laboratory. He was the delivery leader of THE Hong Kong Laboratory of BGI from 2016 to 2019.After the outbreak, he was in charge of the delivery work of Saudi Arabia’s “Fire Eye” laboratory, Foshan’s “Fire Eye” laboratory and Xiamen’s “Fire Eye” laboratory, and was a “senior” anti-EPIDEMIC personnel.”The Hong Kong FireEye lab was restarted very quickly, only 10 hours.”On February 14, the 16-module Chinese atmospheric membrane “Fireeye” laboratory was deployed at Ma on Shan Sports Stadium in Hong Kong, Tang said.The first impression of China’s atmospheric film “Fire Eye” laboratory is the huge white air film, which gives people confidence and strength.The Hong Kong film “so” the laboratory setup, use the genomics of gas film material reserves in Hong Kong, shenzhen is also rapid transport materials to Hong Kong, “genomics had plenty of strategic reserves, already deployed in Hong Kong and genomics headquarters in shenzhen, the deployment of resources will be relatively quick many”, 1 McEwan jr told SMW reporter, from shenzhen emergency deployment before the disease resistant resourcesHong Kong is fully supported by shenzhen Customs.With the assistance of Shenzhen Customs, relevant equipment arrived in Hong Kong quickly, which greatly accelerated the process of putting the Hong Kong “Fireeye” laboratory into operation.In addition to the deployment of relevant equipment, more than 200 staff, including equipment engineers, laboratory operation staff, laboratory engineers, construction engineers and on-site safety support staff, were quickly mobilized to Hong Kong to fight the epidemic.Dr. Tong explained that the “Fireeye” laboratory is an integrated solution. In order to help Hong Kong quickly improve its detection capacity, USTC has prioritized the selection of staff with rich experience in fighting COVID-19 to help Hong Kong better use shenzhen’s experience in fighting COVID-19.”I was one of the first to go there, and the application for relevant licenses has received strong support from Yantian District.Normally, it takes 14 working days to apply for the Hong Kong and Macao pass, but this time I got the relevant documents on the second day after receiving the assignment, greatly speeding up the process with the help and support of all parties.”Tang jiansheng regrets the efficiency of Shenzhen.The equipment shipped by HUada Group from Shenzhen to Hong Kong this time also belongs to the world’s leading sophisticated equipment, which is manufactured by Huada Intelligence, including MGISP-960 high-throughput automatic sample preparation system, automatic MGISTP-7000 cup processing system and MGISP-NE384 automatic nucleic acid extractionPurification apparatus.Complex coding look not to understand, but their data say it has, for example MGISP – NE384 full-automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification device, can complete 384 samples in 15 minutes at the same time, nucleic acid extraction and purification of flux is more than 10000 samples, 24 hours a day that is 1 in 10 sampling method, can achieve the extraction of 100000 doses per dayThe amount.This automatic nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument is the world’s first single nucleic acid extraction and purification instrument with a daily throughput of over 10,000, which has played an important role in the fight against COVID-19 in many places.Since February 9th, local engineers in Hong Kong have rushed to the scene at the first time, and then engineers from Shenzhen also rushed to the scene. They worked all night and completed the installation and commissioning of more than 50 sets of automation equipment in only 6 days.12