The killer of Tan Furen shot himself, 82 days later, why the security minister hanged himself?

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On December 17, 1970, a major case shocked the whole country, founding lieutenant General Tan Furen and his wife were shot to death in their home, the murderer is unknown.Tan Furen was the political commissar of the Kunming Military area Command at that time. How can one not feel horrified at the assassination of an important general?Before long, Premier Zhou personally made instructions to the case, requiring a deadline to solve the case, must catch the murderer.The Kunming government immediately imposed martial law on the whole city to search for the murderer, but the murderer did not leave any strong evidence at the scene, and the detection conditions at that time were relatively backward, so the case fell into a deadlock for a while.Who in the end and Tan Furen have such a deep hatred, should this poison?There was a lot of speculation, a lot of crazy ideas, but no one guessed the point.The only witness we could find at that time was the sixth aunt who was living in Tan Furen’s house, that is, general Tan Furen’s aunt and sister.That evening, when the murder happened, lives downstairs six aunt heard gunshots, so she ran upstairs quickly, exactly and the murderer played a cliff, but too dark at night, aunt six specific long what appearance, can’t see clearly the murderer can say out the murderer is a round face, about 1 m 7 or so, men, and the murderer have preparedness, wear a mask.We speculate that the general usually work very busy, not much time at home, but the murderer can not only touch the general’s house, and can just catch up with the general at home at the time point, it is highly likely to be an acquaintance to commit the crime!Only, in tan Furen side of the staff a lot of a lot, who will be the killer?After a period of investigation, they found another witness, a 13-year-old child who lived next to Tanfuren’s house. That night, a man with the same appearance knocked on the door of his house and asked him which house General Tanfuren lived in.The child showed the murderer the way.When asked the child afterwards, the child said an important clue, the man who asked the way he knew, is the deputy chief of the security section Wang Zizheng.That is to say wang Zizheng is very likely to be the murderer!But it was soon said that this was impossible because Wang Zizheng was being held for questioning as a political prisoner.How could he be out there doing this?Himself so we decided to let the child Ma Suhong testifies to the prisoner management to identify, originally zi-zheng wang is management, but when he saw was led to Ma Suhong, his face suddenly changed, he is a look at this pair of appearance, also knew in my heart, it seems that you doubt is right.The guard said to Wang Zizheng, let him go with the police station, to extract fingerprints, Wang Zizheng said he wanted to go back to the house with some things, the staff agreed.Zi-zheng wang entered the house, but after that, while they do not pay attention to and from under the bed and touched a gun firing their guns, everyone was stunned, while all have no reaction to come over, zi-zheng wang running out the door but prison guards researchers found that after he fled to gun, zi-zheng wang went to the wall next to know I can’t hide away, then pull out the gun on himself.After all the review, Wang is taking advantage of the recent prison to a lot of new soldiers on duty, not familiar with the situation, so in the lunch break unnoticed to leave the prison, the assassination of the behavior.And two of his guns were stolen from a security office.In the Tan Furen case shortly after the incident, people found that Wei Keri lost two pistols, after verification, Wang Zizheng used to commit suicide with the pistol is one of the two lost pistols, and later people found another missing gun in the ditch under the wall.However, why did Wang Zizheng take the risk of escaping from prison to assassinate Tan Furen?After everyone’s investigation, a more horrible fact surfaced.Wang Zizzheng was ordered to be detained by Tan Furen himself, and tan Furen detained him because of wang’s suspicious identity.Wang Zi, who joined the revolution around the time of henan’s liberation, appears not to have been identified as a poor peasant on his original profile.After investigation, the investigation team found that Wang Zizheng’s real name was Wang Zhizheng, a low-level officer from the Kuomintang. When the Kuomintang occupied Henan, wang Zhizheng acted as a pawn and killed many Communist party members in exchange for promotion and fortune.Behind the truth, however, the kuomintang (KMT), after finished, zi-zheng wang knows he will be a catastrophe, in order to escape punishment, zi-zheng wang had come up with a recruit new idea, he changed his name to zi-zheng wang, and then mixed with the PLA’s team, disguised himself as a poor image of persecution by the KMT, swindle you trust, even rises,Became tan Furen side of the staff.However, the paper is not fire, Wang Zizheng’s identity data loopholes, he was transferred to Tan Furen side, Tan Furen soon found that his information is suspected of fraud, so that he moved away from the side, Wang Zizheng was imprisoned.However, the more he thought about it in prison, the more afraid he was. He knew that if his old story was really found out, it would not be prison, but beheading.And Wang Zizheng put all this fault to Tan Furen, he thinks, if it is not Tan Furen must be true, he is not called every day should not, called the ground is not working.Wang Zizheng felt that he was a dead end anyway, but before he died, he could not let Tan Furen, so he risked his life to escape, stole the pistol from the security department, killed Tan Furen couple.And Wang Zizheng stealing pistol behavior, also hurt the then minister of security King Rulin remorse, King Rulin felt that he did not do his duty, resulting in the pistol stolen, and then led to the head was killed.King Rulin heart feel guilty, unable to get rid of the shadow.On the 82nd day of the incident, people found Jing failed to show up for work and searched for him everywhere, but he was found hanging himself with a nylon rope in his office. When they rescued him, Jing died.The scum that a lurk is in our interior, brought about Two husband and wife of Tan Furen to still have King Rulin dies, this pile bloody case wants to still let a person feel horrible up to now.The prince was a cold-blooded, selfish man, and at the same time a grim man, a man who hid among us for decades until his identity was discovered, and who would have done untold damage had he not been discovered.