In the face of a powerful mother-in-law, marry, marry or not marry

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See “vulgar girl to develop a record” in The Chen Jialing, can see a lot of shadow in life, so familiar, so helpless, so brainless.Most of the time before this, in fact, can already look forward to the future life, but at the moment of choice, completely forget the most important thing I once cared about, which is also the most important bottom line in life.① Endure the uninvited Chen Jialing in the drama.When I rent a house in Taipei, the landlady will often come uninvited and eat their food, etc., completely treating me as if I were at home.Her fiance took her to see the house, and she was very happy, because she wanted to own her own home in Taipei, but the deposit on the house was paid by her mother-in-law.The most important thing is that her mother-in-law lives in the same neighborhood as her.The only future she could look forward to was a question she blurted out on the spot, whether she would come up here and there like the landlady.Of course, there is one, need to pay attention to is that the money is not their own, is the deposit paid by the other side.So don’t get married when you have no money.If you can stand it, rent.We say that parents are welcome to come to our house even if they pay for it with their own money.But can it be the same feeling as coming up here at any time like a landlady?I don’t think many people can be happy, right?It’s a life without privacy, and there’s no way to predict what it’s like to be at home doing something private when your partner opens the door and walks in at any time!They were entering their own house, their son’s house.If you haven’t experienced it, you probably can’t talk about it, and if you have, you can’t.Chen jialing did not inform her mother-in-law when she was choosing her wedding dress, but she did come.Originally delighted to choose a shoulder-less backless outfit, very beautiful.But the last one is more conservative than the last.Wait until the wedding dress settled down, sent to the door, or the mother-in-law chose the most stuffy wedding dress.It’s not a wedding dress thing, it’s not a generational thing.The point is the fiance’s attitude on the matter.If at first he respected Chen’s choice of wedding dress, he would help cover for her mother.Then when the wedding dress is delivered to her home, Chen takes it out and her fiance reacts, you can completely know what the situation will be like in their future marriage when they encounter similar things.Chia-ling Chen was cleaning up at her new home and was high when her mother-in-law brought in the designers.At that time, The image of Chen Jialing was very bad. There were traces of eating left by her mouth, and her whole head was covered with dirt.When the designer asks, who is this?Her mother-in-law said, “This is Assan, who I asked to clean.”It was explained later that it was just a joke, that this was her daughter-in-law.Is this a joke thing?The prospective mother-in-law said that family is the most important thing after marriage.Yeah, I’ll be a full-time housewife in the future, and my husband will give me everything.It’s a good profession.You just have to live with the risk that comes with it.When your mother-in-law asks you to go shopping, you always have to be there. It’s your honor.Look how nice your mother-in-law is to you.To sum up, in this house, the mother-in-law can drop by uninvited at any time and decide which wedding dress you wear, so you can say that you are Assange.Sometimes “filial piety”, will appear very ridiculous, you have no money to buy a house, you live in the house, mother-in-law to come to their own home, it is only natural.Even if you live in your own house, can you refuse to visit your mother-in-law?Can’t.But is it a matter of mother-in-law coming to the door?Apparently not.Is this a matter of the mother-in-law deciding what dress to wear?Still not.Is this about my mother-in-law joking that my wife is Assange?Is it really a joke?We can fully anticipate the future results, but most of the time we often ignore, or for a more important reason, goal, can put up with a lot of things you could not tolerate.But the truth is, can you stand this stuff?There is a poem that says: do not know the true face of lushan mountain, only the body in the mountain.Most of the time when we get out of the environment, we want to slap ourselves.# Entertainment Focus ## Marriage ## mother-in-law and daughter-in-law # I am @Sensen Love life , follow me and feel the drip of life together.