Liquor three cups of tears two lines, sleepless cool as water, heart with the moon to his hometown

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Want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art melancholy, liquor three cups of tears two lines, sleepless cool like water, the heart with the moon to his hometown.Night cool such as water month when the floor, the heart has a bit of you, wine into melancholy people easy drunk, think you can not see tears.Surging surging canglang, moonlight hazy night gradually cool, wine into a wisp of tears thousands of lines.Wine into the endless tears thousands of lines, the autumn wind do not understand the moon infatuated.Tears from the song have not disappeared, sad sad moon where, lonely as a cold night lamp.Sleepless moonlight cool, a piece of home, sad troubles thousands of lines I hurt.Heart with the moon to Xiaoxiang, night autumn wind into a cool dream, mo melancholy into tears.Into the melancholy, completed double, midnight rain no heart self-injury.The old thing has been with the son tears, more with the wine cup wide, this heart would like to send a single lamp according to the shadow.Moonlight cold, lingxi a little Dan, wine into the melancholy people easy drunk, think you see tears trickling down.Autumn rain intentionally send new cool, sad tie blue sweater hate night long.No one will be sad, thousands of lines have a dream, cool night lonely moon to your side.Cold window tears trickling down one’s cheeks, as sad as which, the heart has water as sleepless.On the west floor, a good autumn, wine into the melancholy not tears flow.Wanli autumn wind move melancholy, a cup of liquor tears two lines, night cool as water old people in where.Wet clothes, sad to the month, a spoony where to send, the end of the world looks a bit cool.Like fire baked people cool, the heart has a bit of light, wine into the melancholy beads tears two or three lines.The heart has a bit distant, the night cool such as water yuehua jiao, sad no one solution, alone railing tears dark throw.The autumn wind makes melancholy, acacia a wisp of water people haggard, the moon as hometown.Tear, night rain merciless broken melancholy, duckweed is difficult to independent, where the world is not desolate.Pale yan white hair xin joy, green green youth xi swim, haotou Poor without regret, life is not romantic.Old time flies like an arrow, pale yan haoshou not to sorrow, youth without regret to the heroic.Poor years deep, old to realize life without regret, white hair still bosom bosom son Chen.Age is short, white hair is hard to stay years long, life looks old, still haoshou smile sunset.On the evening, youth again round, no regret, childlike innocence is not old is still true.Old feelings gradually different, haoshou sigh piaopeng, youth has paid empty with the northwest wind.Who haoshou still wanli wind, mo youth white hair more work.If you are lucky enough to meet your friends rather than your loved ones, never regret your youth and ambition.Pale yan does not dye dust, youth company le Tianlun, childlike innocence haoshou faint frank.As we grow old, our ambition is still strong, and our youth is our companion.Wind and rain, dream, youth without regret sentient years.Is not true, white hair has become silver, youth is perishable appearance old, haoshouqiongjing new years.Has done from today, youth without young crazy, I do not know haoshou wet pillow side.Young worry old to empty, poor by a dream, mo young white hair more than work.Haoshouqiongjing zhi is not heavy, old to wu youth heart, youth companion calligraphy.Go not back, notice has heaps of white hair, perishable appearance old, Haoshouqiongjing zhi not decadent.White hair pale yan Liangbin weng, youth with endless music, childlike innocence Haoshou health, laughing at the sunset is not old pine.Old why poor by comfortable body, mo young white hair love is true.Haoshou young chi, old steed Fu groove youth infinite good, even a moment of white hair has dusk.As with water, depend on each other to see fallen flowers, years ruthless Haoshou home again.Let the world of prostitution, youth is no longer, haoshouqiongjing heart is not dead, old still as a tide man.Old to know the heart of the young, the poor by not sink, mo young white hair has dusk.At that time, li-an old hero costraint, youth is infinite good, notice white hair infatuated.Don’t say youth is no longer the beginning, Hugh said white hair has been desolate, poetic heart is not old poor meridian freely.White hair meet when also, haoshouqiongjing cohorts more firm.Love still, the dream does not move, do not want to life tears empty.High wind more yizhi, heroic always difficult to flat, The Times changed elegy.It is difficult to get together, the man with ambition will not regret, life is easy to vicissitudes of life.Stars are not old, flowers and leaves fall easy to waste, men when there is difficult to grind.Young strong spirit is always easy, the old feelings can not be moved, the world is difficult since the material, the man is not light.At the end of the world, strong man hard to reward the country, star, life is easy to old temples first China.Hard to reward a strong man Qiqiuye, empty negative male volunteers square, the passage of time heaven and earth change, life easy old temples such as frost.Domineer has not moved, easy water depression twilight, strong men empty heart difficult to parting words.Easy water xiaoxiang bucket turn a few prosperity, life hundred years not her husband.Ambition in the border city, Tima Jinge star moved heaven and earth for life is always easy to pride.Difficult encounter is a friend, when the male self, The Times change the path is easy to meet.A don’t years move, life easy old temples first silk, young had difficult into abjuring poetry.Not easy to destroy, a few reincarnation, the wind and change wasted not elapse.What young ambition, difficult into half a poem, easy old hate to come late.Difficult to describe, between the mountains and rivers, the passage of time heaven and earth change, life is easy to old do not know.Times change easily to change the old picture, when the man is difficult to recompense the body.Life is easy to old don’t worry, the star moved a few degrees of autumn, time wasted without regret zhifang.Ambition to show heroic posture, when unknown, easy to old.The heart is hard to die, chi not reward, the passage of time is easy spring and autumn.The passage of time more, easy to change the old appearance, men should be difficult to pay the feelings of the sea.Thousands of easy, ten thousand kinds of people move, time wasted dreams, men are not light.Aim at water clouds, not afraid of hardships, things are easy to new yan.Three points the world potential difficult support, six out of Qi Shan zhi not late, the passage of time into the past, life is easy to old temples first silk.Star shift time is long, life is easy to old ambition reward home country, strong man incompetent hometown.Time is long, the vicissitudes of life, bitter short difficult to achieve, top gun wanlixiang.Sour, sweet, bitter and happy for a few years, the fickle world do not wear, white hair pale yan heart is not old, the most beautiful life is sunny.Sun Moon Lake edge an old man, qiankun sleeve breeze, who knows the nature of heaven and earth.Natural into a family, god all things born reiki, sun and moon double reflect rosy clouds.Weather male, natural charm out of nature, all things are ecological, the sun, the moon and the stars are different.A look at the sky, a few back with the sun and the moon, natural avenue endless, why should fortune always ask.The hand of the sun and moon into a sword, qiankun cast bow, fortune lane people heaven and earth Ren Xidong.Natural avenue ever had change, thousands of miles of heaven and earth sun and moon do not know years.The devil ax, beauty is cut, qiankun thousands of stars dream.The universe turns the waves, the sun and moon spit rainbow mind, all natural works.A fishing demoiselle, not storm, who knows the nature of the world limited.Infinite love, clear, universe and all stars for me.God works skillfully, natural ghost axe work, take in qiankun thousands of miles, dare to teach the sun and the moon for new capacity.Dragon and snake move universe, mind sun and moon according to Kunlun, the first spring of all natural things in the world.Martyr spirit zhao Riyue, haoqi guan Qiankun, who said nature heaven and earth.Landscape natural heaven and earth jiao, god is free and unfettered, all things in the universe double reflect bi Xiao.Ghost chisel, natural beauty renjun description, all things into the picture, the sun, the moon and the stars into the millio.The vast universe from the storm, vast sun and moon according to mountains and rivers, all natural things are youdao, nature lane nai how.A round of sun and moon heaven and Earth dream, nature merciless beauty in the world of mortals.Nature is free from distractions, and all things are alive and well with the sun, moon, stars and heaven.– Zheng Huixian 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