Mr. Liu wanted to poop on an outing, but he found he didn’t bring a tissue!

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This day Miss Liu took the students to the field trip… The result of this time Miss Liu suddenly want to go poo.But he realized he didn’t have a tissue and suddenly didn’t know what to do.So at this time he directly asked the students did they bring paper?If someone asks you to borrow something and you don’t have it, don’t say anything else.The fool made a mistake that day.Mr. Liu asked him if he had a tissue.And he said they didn’t use tissues.Straight out of his fingers.That’s the end of this cartoon.The leader is going to give Teacher Liu a present on his birthday.So he said he was short of a coat.It happens to be a rabbit.Miss Liu was very happy when she heard what the leader said.As a result, the leader gave Miss Liu a gift of a rabbit.Prosperous wealth tells foolish head today is teacher liu’s birthday, want to write a few words to inform classmate on the blackboard!Teacher Liu told the students that there was only one item left in today’s physical examination.