Shui Qingxia was finally “thrown” into the air by the women’s soccer girls

2022-04-20 0 By

After Defeating world champions Japan in the semifinals, Yuan Weimin was tossed into the air by her teammates: “The game is not over yet.”Shui Qingxia is thrown into the air after China overcame South Korea by two goals in the final to win the Asian Cup.This reminds me of an anecdote sun Jinfang said about the Chinese women’s volleyball girls and yuan Weimin’s guidance.When Sun jinfang was the captain of the team that won the World Cup, she led the girls to rush toward Yuan Weimin and throw him into the air to celebrate.When Yuan Weimin understood, he pointed at them and said, “How dare you!Which of you dare?”Yuan Weimin has been strict in front of the girls, the girls were scared, did not dare to “throw” him.It was the first time for The Chinese women’s volleyball team to reach the top of the world.This article is SteiniStudio original work, unauthorized, please do not reprint.