“Spring Walking grassroots” beautiful rural spruce up

2022-04-20 0 By

“From the first to the seventh day of the first lunar month, 200,000 tourists came to our village, adding about 1.5 million yuan to the collective economy.”Recently, talking about this year’s tourism “off to a good start”, Chengliu town Huashi village party branch secretary and village committee director Zhou Xi difficult to hide the joy of the heart.Village leisure Tours in Huashi are very popular during the Spring Festival.Many tourists come here to ski, enjoy plum blossoms, boating, taste snacks…On the 12th day of the 1st lunar month at nanshan Forest ski resort, Zhou yufei and her classmates skied with screams to experience the passion and happiness brought by ice and snow sports.”This is the third time we’ve skied here this year and it’s been great.”Zhou yufei said.On the slopes near the ski resort, plum blossoms are blooming and the flowers are blowing on the face.”Huashi village is very beautiful,” said Li Juan, a tourist who was admiring the flowers. “It is very suitable for the elderly and children to visit.”As night falls, lights in streets, buildings and lakeside turn on, turning Huashi village into a “village that never sleeps”.Du Xiaoyan, a tourist, praised the night scene: “The lights are colorful and very beautiful.”In recent years, Huashi village in beautiful village construction hard.Since last year, Huashi village has invested 1.5 million yuan to install a water screen movie and a large music fountain, and built a gallery bridge and other places for Internet celebrities to check in, opening a new experience of “night tour of Huashi”.Next, Huashi village also plans to hold “peach festival”, “summer cultural festival” and so on.”By attracting tourists to our village, villagers will be able to do business at their doorsteps, and the collective economy of the village will grow.”Speaking of the planning and development of the village, full xi strength.(Reporter Wang Hujun qin Lei)