The rising poetry group, the lonely life, one day without work to take eight years of home salary is still justified

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Xu Jingya Side Notes of poet and poetry critic Xu Jingya mentioned poet and poetry critic xu Jingya, now in addition to a very small number of poets, the vast majority of readers do not know.However, back in time 40 years, back in the early 1980s, the name was a very popular one.At the beginning of 1983, Contemporary Literary Trends in Lanzhou, Gansu province published xu Jingya’s academic paper “Rising Poetry Group”, which he had written in college two years earlier.As soon as this poetic theory was published, it exploded like a heavy bomb in the poetry circle, and then triggered a debate on this poetic theory and even the misty poetry movement.Xu Jingya’s “Rising Poetry Group”, Xie Mian’s “In the Face of the New Rising” and Sun Shaozhen’s “New Aesthetic Principles on the Rise” published by “Guangming Daily” are collectively referred to as “Three Rising”.Xu Jingya was born in 1949 in Changchun, Jilin Province.After the resumption of the college entrance examination, he was admitted from the factory to the Chinese Department of Jilin University.Except that we didn’t go to the same college, our resumes match up pretty well.I remember seeing his poems for the first time in a campus literary publication during my sophomore year in college.At that time, writing poems and essays was a common trend among college students, but I was an exception. I was keen on classical literature and had no interest in contemporary poetry, so I stopped paying attention to him.By the summer of 1983, I had been working in the supplement of changchun Newspaper for three months.From August 20 to 24, more than 60 professional and amateur theoretical workers from colleges and universities, social scientific research units, literary periodicals, news and publication departments were invited by the literature and art Theory Laboratory under the Jilin Federation of Literary and Art and literature and the Literature Society of Jilin Federation of Literary and art To discuss Xu Jingya’s “Rising Poetry Group”.I heard about it and sat in on it two or three times.Xu Jingya was also invited to attend the meeting.He was tall and thin, and he didn’t look too out of shape.The reason for this debate is that Jilin province has three out of 10 targets for criticism in the ideological field nationwide.They include “Bitter Love,” a film written by Bai Hua and Penning and produced by Long Film, zhang Xiaotian’s novella “Leave the Grass on the Plain,” and Xu Jingya’s poetic treatise “Rising Poems.”As you can imagine, it is very stressful to be the head of the propaganda department.Perhaps this is the reason, the provincial party committee propaganda department presided over the work of the vice minister also attended the speech.Years later, in an interview with The “Face to Face” column of New Weekly, Xu jingya defined the discussion as “criticism” and said that he was no longer a “comrade”, which was not true.I remember clearly that both leaders and scholars used to refer to Xu Jingya as “Comrade Xu Jingya” in their speeches, and some people defended Xu jingya in the discussion, not all of them.During the rest of the conference, many people took the initiative to talk to Xu Jingya, to help him improve understanding.At the meeting, he made two speeches, and was very moved by the criticism and concern of everyone. He also made a self-criticism, saying that the discussion had gone well and that he would write a self-criticism article in a similar way to reverse the bad influence.Decades after his self-criticism was published, he said it was done behind his back.What impressed me most was the speech of Wang Bo, curator of jilin Provincial Mass Art Museum.After graduating from college, Xu was assigned to the editorial department of the library’s monthly magazine, Shenhua, as an editor, a position many people envy.Although Xu Jingya’s article was written during the university period, but after all, he came to the “Ginseng flower” work published, the leadership will be responsible for more or less.In jilin province’s cultural circle, Wang Bo is highly respected, but also a loyal elder.However, his speech was still very sharp, arguing that the crux of Xu jingya’s essay was not only a “self-centered” mistake in literary view, but also a serious mistake in political view. If he did not realize this, his wrong view would not be completely corrected.The fact later verified the old curator’s opinion. In the decades after leaving Changchun, Xu Jingya still adhered to the proposition of “Rising Poetry Group” on many occasions, and had not mentioned the promise of that year.Around the beginning of 1984, I met Xu Jingya in Ginseng Flower.Pan Wu (pen name ShangGuanying), then the chief editor of Ginseng Flower, was my essay writer. I went to the editorial office to pick up my manuscript one day and saw Xu Jingya repairing a broken bicycle in the back room. He was wearing a blue overwork suit and his hands were smeared with oil.After teacher Pan introduced us, she took me to the outhouse.I jokingly said to Teacher Pan: “Your men do private work during working time, and you don’t care?”Pan teacher sighed: “now he does not participate in editing manuscripts, basically nothing to do, let him go.”In 1957, Mr. Pan was labeled as a rightist. He was honest and tolerant and never bothered anyone. He also had a high reputation in the provincial literary and art circles.Later, Xu Jingya said: “The disaster is the most striking, often details of the wound.Your friends and colleagues are afraid to approach you. Someone shows up near your door for no reason…”Mr. Pan Wu has been dead for many years. If you know it, you should refute it!In early 1985, xu Jingya, 36, went to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone to work as an editor in the supplement of Shenzhen Youth Daily.Two of my colleagues had gone to Shenzhen to work at the paper, and one of them was xu jingya’s college classmate, who may have introduced him to the position.In 1986, with the rise of the so-called third generation of poets, Xu Jingya published his poetical theory “The Death of The Best” in contemporary Ideological Trend of Literature and Art, which once again caused a debate in the poetry circle. It is said that contemporary Ideological Trend of Literature and Art was also suspended for publishing this poetical theory.Also in 1986, from October 21 to 24, planned by Xu Jingya, Shenzhen Youth Daily, together with Poetry Daily, which was published in Anhui province, initiated and organized a great exhibition of Chinese modernist poetry group.All kinds of schools emerged overnight, such as buffalo school, ward consciousness, ultra-low flying and sajiao school. According to statistics, there were as many as 88 schools, which were later called “88 diapers hanging in The Chinese poetry circle”.After that, xu Jingya, like many other contemporary poets, stayed away from poetry and disappeared from people’s sight after he edited and published A General View of Chinese Modernist Poetry Group (1986-1988).In 1987, I don’t remember, a director of the Propaganda Department of jilin Provincial Party Committee told me that Xu Jingya was going back to Changchun.The backdrop was the closure of Shenzhen Youth Daily and xu jingya lost his job.Xu jingya (and several others) was declared persona non grata in Shenzhen by the mayor at the time, and no one accepted him.He asked someone to take him back to work in his hometown.The leadership of the propaganda department decided to take him in after studying, and broke the rules to transfer the identity of jilin Province writers’ Association.To my surprise, I never saw Xu Jingya in those years.Later, I saw him on the Internet saying, After I joined the Jilin Writers Association in 1988, due to historical reasons that are not personal to me, I did not even work a day. The Jilin Writers Association, for which I did not make any contribution, paid me for eight years until 1996.I wonder: a day class did not take home town for 8 years of salary, incredibly still justifiably strong!Hometown is in your most difficult time, extend a helping hand, not grateful also stop, return language to take complaint with sarcasm, too not kind.This may be the embodiment of the “ego” he repeatedly advocated in The Rising Poetry.In 1991, I forgot which of my friends gave me a book named “Lover in next Door”, signed by Xu Huaisha.Friends told me that Xu Huaisha is Xu Jingya.When I saw that wen Yujie, one of his college classmates, was in charge of the editor, and the “translator’s words” had been marked “the editor was in Shenzhen in January 1991”, I felt it was not far from the truth.Later I heard that he began to fry the stock, the result of the deficit, was forced to work in a company to make a living as a planner.In December 1993, I went south to shenzhen to work.Met Wang Xiaoni’s sister Wang Xiaotong at a flower show in Shenzhen in 1995.She was an intern at a newspaper, and I was assigned to tutor her, sort of.When SHE saw me, she recognized me.She confirmed that her brother-in-law was still in Shenzhen.In about 2005, Xu Jingya went to Hainan to work as a professor at the Poetics Research Center of Hainan University.In 2006, he initiated and presided over the “Monthly Poetry Reading” activity of Hainan University.In November 2006, he was awarded the “Lifetime Achievement Award” by the third generation poets at the 20th anniversary of the third generation of Huangshan Poetry.These “halo”, but also in a small circle flash, outsiders will not care about.In an interview with Phoenix Culture in 2015, Xu jingya said, “Over the years, the public identity of poetry has mostly been the object of ridicule, such as’ Pear Flower style ‘, ‘lamb Style’ and ‘Zhong Yang Style’…Occasionally, it is negative and negative.In 2019, Xu Jingya said on the Internet platform: There is no need to elaborate on the past events of nearly 40 years.It was an early age, and it was the age of heroes.I just happened to be at the starting point.I said, “In the right place, even a piece of shit can occasionally become a milestone…”.For Xu Jingya, I have no intention and no ability to make judgments. I just write what I know and correct what he distorts.Leave the rest to the reader and time.