Zou Qingzhong: “data and real integration” has great potential, inspur will be fully involved in the construction of digital economy

2022-04-20 0 By

At present, digital technology is reshaping the economic and social structure, building a new development model, imperceptibly changing all aspects of People’s Daily work and life.From tongue tip to finger tip, from field to workshop, from earth to sky…Every scene of digital production and digital life is pregnant with huge potential for economic growth.”Inspur, as a practitioner of the digital economy, is also a beneficiary. Inspur server, government cloud, group management software and other businesses remain leading in the market. Inspur will continue to increase investment in innovation, fully participate in the construction of the digital economy, and promote China’s digital economy to become stronger, better and bigger.””Inspur Group chairman Zou Qingzhong said.In the past year, Inspur established inspur Science Research Institute, added 3 provincial innovation platforms, jointly built 8 laboratories with universities and research institutes, and established innovation and entrepreneurship incubation centers.In 2021, he participated in the formulation of 17 standards of various types and applied for nearly 8,000 patents, including nearly 7,000 invention patents.”Inspur attaches great importance to technological research and development in terms of strengthening key core technologies, and proposes to do a good job in scientific and technological research and development by doing everything possible to increase investment in research and development, master core technologies, have killer products.”In terms of accelerating the construction of new infrastructure, Inspur, as a leading ICT infrastructure provider, provides digital infrastructure such as servers, storage, networking and 5G cloud converged products to all industries, and provides intellectual computing capabilities through leading AI server products and solutions.At the same time, inspur, as a cloud service enterprise, provides full-stack cloud computing services of cloud network side integration, cloud data intelligence integration, construction management and operation integration for the industry.”With a huge market size and rich application scenarios, China has greater market space and development potential for the integration of digital technology and the real economy.”Zou Qingzhong further said that inspur has promoted the digital transformation of thousands of industries from intelligent manufacturing, intelligent water conservancy, intelligent mining, intelligent food, intelligent education and intelligent energy.Under inspur Yunzhou and Cloud ERP, China Railway Industry, Jicheng Electronics and other manufacturing enterprises have achieved quality improvement, cost reduction and efficiency increase;After the first installation of “Dayu Needle” in Guangdong Digital Beijiang, it was promoted to hainan, Yunnan and other six provinces to create a model of intelligent water conservancy.In 14 provinces including Shandong, Jiangsu and Guangdong, the provincial education cloud platform has been established to promote the development of smart education;We will build “smart granaries” for grain enterprises such as China Grain Storage Group, CoFCO And Luliang Group, and promote the construction of smart grain.”With the introduction of top-level planning and the implementation of subsequent regulations and policies, China’s digital economy will surely usher in a round of explosive development, and many industries and industries will benefit.Inspur Group will seize the opportunity of digital economy development, adhere to innovation leading, accelerate the layout, dig the potential of digital economy, deeply cultivate various fields of digital economy, so that more industries, enterprises and individuals enjoy the development dividend in the digital wave, to promote China’s digital economy to become stronger, better and bigger.”Zou qingzhong said.