Best thing about 2021: With the model cabinet, I finally realized my dream in 21 years

2022-04-21 0 By

Fast forward to 2022 and look at last year…I also bought a lot of toys, which was really out of control after I joined the diy circle, but I also made a lot of friends and learned some photography skills and PS skills. Of course, the most happy thing in 2021 is that I have my own model cabinet. I have been playing with models for nearly 6 years and finally realized one of my dreams in 21 years.My chest is my 21 years birthday, because my sister is in our line of work, cabinet and so she will know that I like to play with model to customize a cabinet to send me, bought a transparent cabinet left their shelves, shelves on the right box (box to throw), put the box of rg is as high as above those Numbers together really good-looking.And ever since I got the cabinet, I’ve been able to look at it for a long time, which is very satisfying.My favorite thing in 2021 is hatsune Miku, which is really beautiful. The moment I got it, I immediately named it as my favorite handwork of the 21st year. At the same time, the meaning of this handwork also tells me that I will redouble my efforts to “forge ahead and live up to my youth”.I also tried to take photos and repair them. Although THERE is no camera, PHOTOSHOP is still by my own exploration, and it is also very troublesome to get scenery for some shooting. You need to conceive the scene first, and then spend a lot of money to buy scene props.But it was nice to see a good picture of myself in the end (I won this stardust in last year’s raffle!).This layer of the other hand do I also plan to take photos during 21 years after graduation also into a series of my second favourite – sic mask knight of bamboo patoran, ando kenji and mountain dragon design mask knight, really too handsome, but also can according to the work experience the design style of the great god and to their understanding of false face knight, but unfortunately,Announced the series in 21 years is no longer the product since 21 years I have been note, so only took a few pieces, my house roof is really universal scene godzilla and altman IP and I like it very much, also bought a lot of but not how to go to 21 years re-building yes this is my mother, in addition to a GSC shark niang, everything else is the shell of the finished product machine of cochlear niang,I am very optimistic about The Model of The Shell, and I hope their next machine will not disappoint me. The model cabinet and the floor are as high as I don’t need to talk more about it. Since high school, I have no time to work on it.In 2022, this year is the most important year of my life, I will face the university entrance exam, but I will not give up what I love, I will do study and hobbies, also hope that all of the people who play love die, in the New Year to buy their favorite toys, hand do not delay charge, let add color in the boring work and study, pursuit of the light on that moment!The Year of the Tiger Spring Festival is coming. Wish you all the best in the Year of the Tiger 2022!All the best!—————— by 52TOYS community players: Meet the magic acid king