Diving champion Quan Hong Chan for the Beijing Winter Olympics athletes pray, put out a fancy action?

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Full red chan this name is almost a household name, this is no exaggeration.Because as long as it is seen all red chan games and performances of friends will feel all red chan is very powerful.She has won both the national and international top leagues at the age of 14.This achievement is also rare among current divers.There is no doubt about that.Even peer predecessors “diving queen” Guo Jingjing is full of praise for her, ashamed.It can be seen that The whole red chan is really a real diving supernova.The recent Winter Olympics in Beijing were a success.There are many Chinese athletes from all over the country for the Winter Olympics.For them to be able to play supernormal, and can achieve excellent results.Quan Hong Chan poses a “1” word in the training process.This means that Chinese athletes will always strive for the first place.He also expressed the hope that the athletes will stay away from injuries and have a smooth sailing.So the whole red chan made a lot of auspicious and good wishes to express their own for the Winter Olympic Games will be ardent expectations and for all athletes pray.I hope you can calm down, pay attention to safety, to achieve more excellent results!Together for the cause of Sports in China, work hard together!I also wish the athletes of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games all the best and achieve excellent results!Also wish full red chan can work harder, hard training, diving career to the next level.Break through yourself!Like and support full red chan friends, and willing to support the cause of Chinese sports friends can give the author a point of attention to support the author, thank you very much!