During the Period of the Republic of China, there was a kind of beggar who made money by “selling frozen food”

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Beggars in the past dynasties are not strange, even now occasionally begging, they are social vulnerable groups, but now are much more civilized, unlike beggars in ancient society in order to beg.For example, in the late Qing Dynasty and early Republic of China, there were beggars selling frozen money to cheat people, which made people unable to guard against it. What was going on?If you also want to know, let xiaobian to give you from the beginning.(All pictures in this article, all from the network, thank the original author, such as infringement of your rights, please contact the author to delete.Picture has nothing to do with the content, please don’t reserved seats) qing dynasty is a special period, step by step, the old feudal social order began to decline, but the new thoughts at that time is difficult to be accepted by the masses, so people are living in the midst of chaos, which is in this period, thieves, crooks are walking in the street fair and square,It’s hard to tell who’s good and who’s bad.In addition, due to the stagnant social productivity and the natural and man-made disasters over the years, many people were forced to become beggars in order to make a living.Interestingly, beggars were not stupid either. They went wherever they were developed. At that time, the three places with the most beggars were the three most developed cities, namely Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou.There are a lot of rich people in Beijing. Kings and nobles, or dignitaries, all live in the capital, so beggars can get a lot of them during festivals.However, with the increasing number of beggars in the capital, there is increasing competition among beggars and they will have to learn their skills if they are to outbid other beggars.For example, some beggars can do handcrafts and kung fu, some can sing ditties, and some can perform acrobatics. But there are some beggars who have no skills at all, and their only ability is not being afraid of the cold in winter.In winter, these beggars are active in the busy markets, in the biting wind, or in the snow, these beggars go out into the streets naked, sometimes perhaps wearing a thin underpants for the face.In this way, beggars sell miserably in the snow and ice, many passers-by see their poor also have to implement a few coins, or give some clothes and food……Later, someone discovered the secret of beggars not being afraid of cold, because they had taken red alum wine in advance, so they would not feel cold even in the cold days of March 9.Red alum wine is not wine, but a kind of medicine, because the scientific name of red alum is called arsenic trioxide, which is often said by the people, so red alum wine is also the wine dissolved with arsenic.Arsenic, as we all know, is a highly toxic substance, but in certain quantities it does not kill people. For example, the alum wine will not kill people when ingested, but will burn their insides to a fever, giving a feeling as if they were on fire.Therefore, beggars use red alum wine to sell frozen begging, if beggars accidentally drink too much, they can use cold water to add mung bean milk to detoxify, but the effect is worrying.In addition to red alum wine to sell frozen, there is a firewood cook.In the winter, when adults and children beg on the street, they will prepare a large water tank in advance, and then add ice and snow to the water tank, and then strip the child naked into the water tank, and finally directly set fire to the wood under the tank.At the beginning, the child was crying in the water tank. After the water temperature came up, the child was slowly quiet. But at this time, he had to keep adding ice to the water bar, otherwise he would be killed.At the same time, adults will sell their misery and sometimes sing a few “begging songs”.For example, life is difficult, cook son famine year, the capital elder, generous bounty you, merit and good deeds, will be all the five blessings……The sight of the singing and tears, accompanied by the howling wind, rain and snow, moved many people’s hearts to pity, especially those who were parents, and they began to give small pieces of silver to the adults to carry the children out and give them food and clothes.This is what beggars do in winter. They drink alum wine to sell frozen food, cook children to sell frozen food, and sing begging songs to sell miserable things. At the beginning, all these tricks can get money, but later people know beggars’ tricks, they become no longer strange, and it can be said that people have become numb.Over time, beggars find that these tactics do not work, so they no longer go to the street to sell frozen.With the development of the society, the department concerned is in constant rescue beggars, they created a stable life, also has brought a lot of job opportunity, including some beggars opportunity, turned dry up and other things, the last fortune changed life fate, but also still have some beggars unproductive, finally can only end up a starve to death.Reference materials: “Chinese Beggars reveal secrets” author: Cheng Gang, publisher: Jilin Photography Publishing House Wenlan Hairun Studio chief editor Wen Xiucai, this article: historical writer: Liu Lijiang