Feb 13 La Liga reference: Levante vs Real Betis visitors subtle statistics

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Levante vs Real Betis on Sunday 014Levante are at the bottom of the league with 11 points after 22 rounds of 1 win, 8 draws and 13 losses. They are now six points adrift of second-bottom Alaves. It would take a miracle to avoid relegation, but there is no pressure on the players to play in such a level situation.Levante’s only win came 2-0 at home to real Mallorca in the last round, but they lost 2-0 at gatiz and 3-0 away to Getafe, not very strong teams.On the defensive end of the season, Levante has conceded 46 goals and more than two per game.In terms of the lineup, mustafi, reserve central defender Bostig, main midfielder Campania is injured, and main striker Rogmatti, who has scored three goals and two assists, is suspended, but morales, who has scored six goals, is not a problem.Real betis league 12-4-7 40 points ranked third in la liga, throw a ball at 27 goals, scored 41 goals after the fourth real Madrid and atletico Madrid, although ranked third in the league, but integral on atletico Madrid for fourth and fifth Barcelona only two at the most advantage, therefore the will of the points should be very strong.The team has 6 wins, 1 draw and 3 losses in 10 matches, including 4 wins and 1 draw in 5 away games to remain unbeaten.Not a bad performance.The team won 2-1 at vallecano in the Copa del Rey in midweek, after losing 2-0 at home to Villarreal.In attack Juammi is the team’s top scorer with 12 league goals, followed by Iglesias with seven and William Jose with six.In addition, Fekir and Canales this season in the offensive end also had a good play.In terms of the line-up, bravo, the main goalkeeper, is injured, and Canales, the attacking end, is doubtful.In terms of schedule, next week, real Betis will be away in the Europa League knockout game against Zenit, this field in terms of the betis squad is likely to be adjusted.In the last 10 meetings between the two teams, Levante is 4-6, with 3-1 winning at home. However, in the last two league meetings, Betis have won 2-0 against Levante, giving them a clear advantage.However, this game of various agencies data on Betis is quite subtle, even considering the schedule betis distraction next week, but with the strength of the team in the offensive end against the average number of goals conceded more than two levante can still have a great advantage.Such a cheap concession is a bad sign for Betis.So look for levante at home.Leicester City vs West ham united on Sunday 018