Fengning hole mountain township to strengthen the publicity of the law to promote governance by law

2022-04-21 0 By

Gongongshan Township, Fengning Manchu Autonomous County, has made great efforts to improve the legal work system, deepen the publicity and education of the rule of law, promote the practice of governance by law, and build a society ruled by law.We will strengthen the foundation and consolidate the foundation and improve the system for popularizing the law.The Party Committee and government attach great importance to the construction of government under the rule of law, providing strong organization, system guarantee and talent support for the work.Improve the organizational leadership system.A leading group for the dissemination of legal knowledge during the seventh Five-Year Plan period has been set up, headed by the Secretary of the Party Committee and consisting of heads of relevant stations.We will improve the legal accountability mechanism.Combined with the actual work, the detailed formulation of the “Seven five” law popularization work plan of Kongong Mountain township, clear work objectives, work focus, law popularization requirements and work steps.Selection of excellent staff.To select and distribute strong judicial staff and 8 committees.We will make coordinated efforts to promote legal publicity within the region.We carried out publicity work on the seventh Five-Year Plan to popularize the law both within the system and in society.One is to send the law into organs, into enterprises.In recent years, accumulated to the enterprise to carry out legal work 25 times;The second is to send the law into the school.Actively carry out the “law into the school” publicity month series of activities, give full play to the positive role of students “small hands hold big hands”.”Law into School” publicity month series of activities issued a total of more than 1000 brochures, hanging 50 banners, covering 800 students;Third, we will send the law into rural areas.In combination with routine work, cadres of township organs sent law to the countryside, forming the work law of “two questions and one publicity”, and farmers’ legal thinking and awareness of safeguarding their rights have been constantly improved.The rural market has a large flow of people, and the publicity effect is more obvious.Since the seventh five-year plan, the township has carried out 20 legal education activities, the number of educated more than 600 people;French publicity volunteer team to send France to the countryside.The township has a total of 85 volunteers for legal publicity, realizing the full coverage of villages under the jurisdiction of the township, providing human resources for the rural legal publicity and education.Remarkable progress has been made in improving the rule of law by addressing both symptoms and root causes.Gongs mountain township Party committee, government innovation working methods, to achieve both symptoms and root causes, to achieve the rule of law qingming.In November 2020, the People’s Mediation Committee of Kongongshan Township was awarded the honor of “National Model People’s Mediation Committee” by the Ministry of Justice.At the same time, with the establishment of democratic and rule of law demonstration villages as the starting point, we will deepen the work of law popularization and stimulate the “sheep” effect of democratic and rule of law demonstration villages.A “law street” and a “law square” have been built in high-rise village and Mahaqi Village respectively.After years of efforts, High-rise Village was awarded the sixth batch of National Democratic and Legal Model Villages, and Mahaqi Village was awarded the eighth batch of National Democratic and legal Model villages.