LFA successor?100 km acceleration in 2 seconds, Lexus pure electric supercar debut!

2022-04-21 0 By

Toyota has shown off more than a dozen new all-electric vehicles to show its determination to go electric, including a Lexus all-electric sports car.The car, which now has an official picture, is considered the spiritual successor to Lexus’s legendary LFA.The new car is now named by Lexus Elecsport. From the appearance, it is very consistent with everyone’s imagination for a supercar.With a low body, a long engine compartment, and a sci-fi front and rear design, the car is as powerful as a niumajia supercar.Instead of the angular styling typical of supercars, the car has more curves and rounded corners, giving it a distinctive look and feel similar to the new Supra, perhaps the difference between east and West.In front of us, the boomerang-shaped headlights are the only thing we’re familiar with in terms of design, apart from the Lexus LOGO.The side of the car has the proportion of the classic car body, the engine compartment occupies a large proportion, the form of the car body is also more powerful, the waist line design is very individual, and the aerodynamic design is perfect integration.The rear of the car is very wide, and the shape of the taillight is very technological.Not much is known about power, but the new car is reportedly capable of 0-100km/h acceleration in under two seconds and may have a range of around 700km.Under previous plans, Lexus would offer electric vehicles in all market segments by 2030, sell only electric vehicles in China, Europe and North America, and stop selling internal-combustion vehicles altogether by 2035.It seems that Toyota has been dismissive of electric before, as if it is an illusion, blockbuster, is Toyota phase to achieve the effect.