Li Ge hemorrhages!Thousands of milestones invited fans to eat fried chicken, Korean network trail Nuguri hospital

2022-04-21 0 By

Hello, this is Jincheng, bringing you two news from the LCK division.This year is not only the 10th anniversary of the debut of Faker, the first player in league of Legends, but also he will welcome his 1000th career game in the afternoon LCK spring T1 game against KT.But on this special day, Faker seems to want to share his joy with his fans.Ahead of the game, Faker posted on Instagram: “In honor of my thousandth game, I invited my fans who came to cheer me on today to eat fried chicken.Start at 4pm today and pick up the fried chicken at LOL PARK BBQ with your ticket!Please support T1 and me in the future.”Ask fans to eat fried chicken, for Li Elder brother this wave is a big bleeding ah!On the other hand, there was also a rumor on the Korean Internet that S10 champion Nuguri was hospitalized with a suspected pneumothorax relapse.The user posted that he only found out about Nuguri’s admission to the hospital because of a friend who works there, and was lucky enough to get Nuguri’s autograph.How nice of a Nuguri fan to ask for an autograph at this hour!Since Nuguri has always been sickly, pneumothorax is his old problem.And last year when I was playing for LPL team FPX, I was hospitalized because of pneumothorax. FPX had to promote Xiaolaohu to the second team to fight.This hospitalization has a lot of net friends guess should be because of pneumothorax.It’s only fair to say that Nuguri may have taken the spring break because of his health, and that LCK didn’t have any top spots after his break.Also hope that all players can have a healthy body, to ensure their career as long as possible.