Show one’s true colors!The United States has imposed conditions on China, requiring it to be regulated by the United States like Japan

2022-04-21 0 By

In recent years, the US has never stopped cracking down on Chinese enterprises. It can be said that the US has tried its best to curb China’s technological development.Although Our country has been stressing and asking the US side to stop such unreasonable practices, the US side has remained indifferent.Moreover, since Biden took office, sino-US relations have not eased, but have become increasingly tense.Now the US is finally showing its fangs!What’s going on here?Recently, a US business think tank officially said that There is a way for China to smooth relations with the US, and that is to get Us to agree to us supervision of our core technologies.The reason why the other side has this requirement is just to fear that China will surpass the United States in the field of science and technology.Previously, the US had requested core data from more than 100 semiconductor companies, including TSMC and Samsung, which have advanced chip manufacturing technology, under the pretext of “solving the global chip shortage”.To know, the chip subsidy program has been delayed in the past, TSMC, Samsung and other companies even formed an alliance to ask the United States for this subsidy.And after requesting the data, the United States quickly passed a $52 billion chip subsidy package.It can be seen that the US is trying to solve the global core shortage problem under the guise of strengthening its own control over the chip industry chain.It is not the first time that the US has wanted to regulate other countries’ core technologies. The US has made similar demands to Italy before, and Italy has chosen to compromise.In addition, the United States also threatened Japan with the same means, and Japan was forced to give in.Now the US side is once again targeting China, hoping that China will agree to us supervision of core technologies.I have to say that the US side is dreaming of nothing.As for the FACE of the US, Russian experts have long pointed out that no matter how much the US beautifies its image and makes excuses for talks, it is actually aimed at consolidating its hegemonism.China has always wanted to conduct bilateral trade on the basis of fair and mutually beneficial principles, but the United States will not give up the suppression of China.In the final analysis, the US is putting pressure on China by virtue of its dominance in the field of science and technology. Its fundamental purpose is to seize China’s wealth forever.If China ever gives in and allows the US to regulate our core technology, then China will have no future.Recently, although the United States intends to show a propensity for peace talks, it has not relented in imposing sanctions on Chinese companies.And our country has also carried out a counterattack, our country is to take action to warn the United States, before the means used in Japan and other countries, in China will not work at all!Partial information source: International Tourism Island Business Daily