Sun Zhuo promised that one day I would go around the world

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Sun Yue, Sun Zhuo’s sister, posted pictures from all over the world, saying that Zhuo Ge will be more wonderful in the future. He is much better than me and will be much more wonderful than me.Specifically, he didn’t go out until high school, so It’s not too late for Jobb.Drabo: I’ll go around the world one day, too, and guarantee my homework.Finally understand the scene, Sun Haiyang asked the children in the countryside ah, his eyes have how distressed, how unwilling.Sun Yue’s excellence, we only know didiu diu, many places in the world have left his footprints, this is a child relying on their own efforts to become excellent.At the same time, as Sun Yue said, he is a lucky person, thanks to his parents support him everywhere.Looking at buyers, would rather buy a son also do not do their best to their daughter, this is the difference, ideological knowledge of the day difference.Sun Haiyang’s daughter sees the scenery around the world, fills herself with knowledge, has the opportunity to explore the world, has the ability to love life, Sun Haiyang’s son must also be very good, fortunately he is still a child, fortunately there is the opportunity to love him, fortunately everything is too late, looking forward to more children can come home as soon as possible.