The city’s first new rural film screening demonstration site was unveiled

2022-04-21 0 By

On February 15, the 2022 jiading District culture, technology and health “three to the countryside” launch ceremony and the unveiling ceremony of the new rural film screening demonstration site was held at the cultural activity center of Beiguan Village, Malu town, welcoming the first film exhibition 1921.Last September, the Municipal Film Bureau issued the Implementation Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Five New Cities, Township cinemas and Rural Film Screening, vigorously promoting the integrated development of Shanghai’s film market between urban and rural areas.Jiading District proposed that by the end of the “14th Five-year Plan”, 132 rural film projection sites in the district will complete the equipment update, and create 10 new rural film projection demonstration sites.On the basis of the original 300-square-meter comprehensive cultural activity center, Beiguan Village has been built into the city’s first demonstration site for new rural film screening, equipped with epson (Japan) hd 7000-lumen laser projector, Glenston (UK) 7.1-channel professional film decoding system and 4K hd frame screen.Audio, screen, projection, seats and other hardware facilities have been updated and upgraded with high efficiency, and equipped with movable film seats.In order to make it a real gathering place for villagers’ cultural activities, the demonstration site will give the initiative and choice of “film selection” and “screening time” to the people by means of “menu type” film selection and “on-demand type” screening.The screening frequency has increased from two times a month to once a week, providing villagers and migrant workers with rich movie culture.On the same day, jiading District Party Committee propaganda department, district civilization office, district Education bureau and other “three to the countryside” member units gathered in Beiguan Village, for the local people to free medical examination, popularization of science, folk experience, legal advice, agricultural technology advice and other benefits of agricultural services, welcomed by the villagers.