The function of computer networks

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What are the functions of computer networks?Computer networks mainly include the following four functions, which are resource sharing, information transmission, distributed processing and performance improvement.Unscramble: computer network is the product that computer technology and communication technology combine, it is the computer that has independent independent function disperses, connect through communication line to compose of system.Computer networks usually have the following four functions, which are described in detail below: 1. Provide the resource sharing function.The most prominent function of computer network is to provide resource sharing function, such as printer hardware resources. Without network, only one computer can be connected for printing.In the case of network, whether wireless network, wired network, etc., different computer users can share the use of this printer for printing jobs, which is an example of computer network resource sharing.Two: provide information transmission function.Computer network is the product of the combination of communication technology and computer technology, so information transmission is the innate function of computer network.If the individual computer does not have the network circumstance, can only be stand-alone operation, even the most basic communication is impossible to complete.After having the network, the information transmission or network communication between computers can be carried out through the network, which is the second major function of the computer network.Three: provide distributed processing function.In addition to the above two basic functions, computer network can further provide distributed computing or distributed processing functions.Cloud computing, for example, is a manifestation of distributed computing, cloud computing is based on computer networks.And edge computing is the application and embodiment of distributed processing, of course, this is based on computer networks.Four: improve the overall stability.Computer network not only provides the above functions, but also provides the stability of the overall operation of the computer system. For example, the computer redundant system is built through the computer network, so that they become each other’s backup computer system.When one of the computers fails, the others can provide the same service over the network, thus improving the overall stability of the operation.To sum up, as a combination of computer technology and communication technology, computer network has four prominent functions: providing information transmission, realizing resource sharing, realizing distributed processing and improving overall stability performance.The above is the function of the computer network introduction, I hope to be useful to you.