The harm caused by prolonged parking of vehicles

2022-04-21 0 By

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, cars are no longer luxury goods, but can appear in the public family, some good families even have more than one car.But perhaps they do not know, the vehicle parked for a long time will be all harm, so the vehicle after a long time parked, must be fully checked and maintained after use.1, the lack of battery power is one of the common problems after the vehicle parked for a long time. If the vehicle parked for more than half a year, the battery power will almost be exhausted due to the self-discharge of the vehicle, resulting in the vehicle can not start normally.And when the battery is in a low power, the damage of the battery will be intensified, which will reduce the capacity and practical life of the battery.2. Generally, the conventional warranty period of oil in the engine is 1 year, but because the oil in the engine will be doped with other pollutants, so if the vehicle stops for a long time, it will accelerate the oxidation and deterioration of the oil, especially after the water enters, it will cause the emulsification of the oil.3, the brake system idle for a long time easily with water vapor, oxygen in the air chemical reaction lead to corrosion, affect the brake performance, if the corrosion is serious may directly lead to damage to the brake system.4, because the vehicle stopped for a long time, the tires of the vehicle will be on the side, which may lead to irreversible deformation of the vehicle tires, such tires if used, will affect the safety of the vehicle driving;If the vehicle is parked outdoors for a long time, the tires of the vehicle will also be eroded by external pollutants, making the rubber of the tire aging, cracking and other phenomena.5, the car paint will generally appear in the south of the heavy humidity area, the vehicle parked for a long time after the surface will be rich in a lot of water vapor, if the vehicle paint is damaged, the water vapor will have a chemical reaction with the body, so that the body itself rust, resulting in the vehicle paint off.In fact, if there is no special reason, or as far as possible to let the vehicle in a period of time to drive a distance, in order to ensure the normal operation of each system, as far as possible not to park the vehicle for more than a month.And if the conditions of the vehicle parking more than a month, in the use of the vehicle before careful inspection and maintenance, to ensure that the performance indicators of the vehicle can deal with the normal use