The west has lost a war over COVID-19.British media clamor: Biden may need to clash with China

2022-04-21 0 By

Today in the western media in rendering an absurd argument, the western countries are faced with the supply chain risk and China adhere to the “reset” policy carried out, the western media means of critic of China’s “reset” policy, led to the suspension of supply chain and inflation for the western media and strategic research institution in China issued a threat, trying to fool give up “dynamic reset” policy in China.The British media started playing up the so-called “China collapse theory” in early 2022, sensationalizing that India would replace China as the “factory of the world” because Of China’s “zero out” policy.In fact, novel Coronavirus is like a great war. The West has already lost, and the US and THE UK are the two countries representing the west’s total failure in fighting the virus.Outbreak of the United States for their own will be coronavirus has been numb, because of growing into has appeared many times since 2022 confirmed the size of more than 1 million the death toll is soaring at the same time, according to figures released by the U.S. and Britain so far has more than 75.92 million people are diagnosed with will be coronavirus, because more than 896000 people will die coronavirus.In the past 24 hours, there have been more than 350,000 new confirmed cases and more than 2,700 deaths in the United States.With more than 17.6 million novel coronavirus infections and over 157,000 cumulative deaths in the UK, the UK is the first country to “lie low” in the fight against COVID-19. As a direct result, the number of confirmed cases has soared and the number of deaths has continued to increase.China has maintained rapid economic growth and achieved normal life by insisting on “dynamic zero clearance”. However, China’s insistence on “zero clearance” has become the “original sin” in the eyes of western countries.China has adhered to a scientific strategy to fight the epidemic, which stands in sharp contrast to the rest of the world, as the fight against the epidemic can only be divided between China and other countries.202202054 / global defense observe/o force, in the face of China by insisting on “dynamic reset” achievements, the west has been in a state of hysteria, now the British financial times jumped out again, start for China issued a threat, the financial times Chinese openly clamoring for, President of the United States Joe biden may need and conflict in China,It could use an external crisis to ease its declining popularity.The British media to mention of the so-called global supply chain impact again, now the United States is facing serious problems of supply chain, a large number of container ships in the port waiting for unloading, supermarkets and stores in the United States is a cargo overhead empty situation, it is because America will be coronavirus hit outbreak related industries, at the same time the United States does not want to 24 hours to unload,There are goods can not reach the hands of consumers awkward situation.One year into his presidency, Joe Biden’s campaign promises have not been fulfilled. Judging by his performance, it is no more than sloganizing, and the United States has yet to solve the Novel Coronavirus epidemic, which Biden proudly declared the United States had won on July 4, 2021.In addition to the supply chain and coronavirus outbreak, there are also inflation and mounting debt, and the continuous loss of non-farm jobs in the US, which has shown that the US economy is facing many problems. The 5.7% growth in 2021 is just a numbers game.Because the CPI index of the United States was 7.1% in the same period, there was no economic growth in the United States. The indiscriminate printing of dollars in the United States injected water into the Economy of the United States, which has triggered continuous inflation.U.S. President Joe Biden is already in trouble, the plummeting approval ratings will affect the U.S. Congressional elections, biden’s ability to govern, there is no way to reverse the situation.The Financial Times said that U.S. President Joe Biden might use an external crisis to ease his low approval rating.The external crises mentioned by the British media are not only the conflict with China, but also the situation in Ukraine and northeast Asia.Today’s Western media are working together to contain and contain China, trying to force China to submit through all kinds of exaggeration, which should be paid enough attention to.