Tourists log on to the danyang Tower at the height of the danyang Tower during the Spring Festival

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In the traditional view of many people, “climbing a mountain” in the New Year symbolizes good wishes.Danyang Danyang Tower attracts tourists to danzhou Danyang Tower during the Spring Festival holiday in 2022. The danyang Danyang Tower, known as the danzhou Cultural meeting room, attracts tourists to danzhou danzhou Historical and cultural Exhibition to learn about the danzhou history and Dongpo culture.On February 5, the fifth day of the Chinese New Year, tourists’ mood was not affected despite the temperature dropping.Many tourists and their families were brought to the danyang Building to watch the danyang building under the guidance of the danyang building staff. They wore masks, showed their health codes and travel codes, and checked their body temperatures to see if they were normal.Visitors watch dongpo Cultural Exhibition and Danzhou Historical Civilization Exhibition at danyang TowerOpened to the public on January 1, 2022, the danyang Tower features cultural venues and facilities including a history museum and hainan Western Culture and Exhibition Center.Visitors came to the citizens during the Yang in the building in danzhou Wen Mingzhan and dongpo culture art history, visited the exhibition display inside the period of cultural relics, old objects and materials, appreciate the painting and calligraphy works, in-depth knowledge in danzhou profound cultural background and historical evolution, understand su shi during during the life of the story, take the initiative to accept the Chinese history and culture.Danyang Tower “We heard the danyang Tower had been opened to the public on the danyang Radio. So we took our children to danyang Tower for a visit during the Danzhou Spring Festival holiday to learn more about the danyang village’s history and culture.Zhang Xiaojing, a tourist, told the reporter that the three members of her family came here during the Spring Festival holiday to make their children feel the deep culture of Danzhou and express their good wishes for the New Year.To ensure a safe and orderly visit to the danyang Tower, online and offline appointments are made at the site.To make an online appointment, click the “meituan mini app” and search “danyanglou Forest Park” in the “scenic spots/Tickets” column.Coupon collection time is 9:00-15:00 every day.Collect tickets at the danyang Building North Parking Lot Management Department (log cabin).Business hours during the Spring Festival are 9:00-17:00 (no entry after 16:30).Citizens in need of visitors can call the advisory telephone: 19989045448.Danzhou media reporter Niu Weifu Wuyue