“Xianyi +” helps optimize xiamen’s business environment

2022-04-21 0 By

In recent years, Xiamen has attached great importance to the construction of business environment, taking creating a first-class business environment as a key task of reform and innovation and an important starting point to improve the competitiveness of the city. In 2020 and 2021, Xiamen was awarded the “Benchmark City of China’s Business environment” in the national Business environment evaluation organized by the National Development and Reform Commission.It has ranked first in the business environment assessment of nine cities and one district in the province for three consecutive years.On the basis of the implementation of national regulations, combining the reality of our city new regulations on the xiamen special economic zone to optimize business environment, xiamen municipal development and reform commission level 2 inspectors Lin Xiaohui comrade in the interpretation of the xiamen special economic zone to optimize business environment regulations, detailed explanation of the “+” the faith in the optimization of the important role of doing business in xiamen.In standardizing law enforcement at the grass-roots level, the Regulations focus on credit supervision, implementing a credit-based hierarchical and classified supervision system, carrying out credit monitoring and early warning, adopting differentiated supervision measures for market entities with different credit conditions, and reducing the proportion and frequency of inspections for supervision objects with good credit conditions.The proportion and frequency of inspection shall be increased for those who are subject to supervision for trust-breaking and illegal acts.Standard regulation, practice the “dual randomized, a public”, the whole process supervision, inclusive prudential regulation, credit classified regulatory oversight in the form, the administrative law enforcement in a comprehensive way, increase the efficiency of the cross-sectoral, cross-regional joint inspection and avoid long repeated examination, reduce the burden of enterprises, promote business environment experience system and business system of environmental monitoring point of contact.In terms of financing, in order to solve the problem of difficult and expensive financing for enterprises and reduce the credit cost of market subjects,Carry out non-repayment loan renewal business, promote credit loans of small and micro enterprises, moderately improve the tolerance of non-performing loans of small and micro enterprises, promote the implementation of intellectual property and equity pledge, improve the operation mechanism of credit enhancement fund, establish the risk compensation mechanism of inclusive loans and emergency lending mechanism, and promote the credit loans of government procurement contracts.