A number of auto companies announced sales targets for 2021

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At present, the global auto market is still affected by the chip shortage and the continuing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, but many auto companies still maintain a high outlook and confidence for the development of the next year.To this end, the auto industry pays attention to the statistics of a number of auto companies in 2022 sales target.Geely Auto: 1.65 million As the leader of its own brands, Geely Auto’s performance in the Chinese market is obvious to all.Data show that geely’s cumulative sales volume in 2021 was 132,8029 units, winning the sales champion of Chinese brand car enterprises for five consecutive years.However, geely fell short of its sales target of 1.53 million vehicles during the year due to parts shortages.Of course, not only Geely auto, but also many auto companies have been hindered in production and sales due to the impact of parts shortage in the past year, and the situation in 2022 is not optimistic.Even so, Geely auto has set a sales target of 1.65 million units for 2022, a 24 percent year-on-year increase from 2021.In view of the current market environment, this sales target is also challenging.Byd cars: 1.2 million As a leader in new energy vehicles, BYD has an impressive year in 2021.According to official data, BYD’s cumulative sales volume in 2021 was 730,093 units, up 75.4% year on year, with new energy passenger car sales reaching 593,745 units, up 231.60% year on year.Although the global auto market is affected by the supply of parts, BYD, as a semiconductor, power battery self-sufficient auto company, it is not affected by the market.For 2021, BYD has set its annual sales target at 1.2 million units, up 60.8 percent from 2021.In terms of BYD’s sales structure, new energy vehicles account for 80% of BYD’s total sales volume, and BYD is bound to rely on the same new energy vehicles if it wants to achieve the sales target of 1.2 million units in 2022.It is understood that BYD will launch a number of new energy vehicles in 2022, such as THE BYD Han DM-I and seal.Byd will also launch high-end brands this year, but their contribution is not expected to be significant.To some extent, THE 1.2 million units is BYD’s confidence and extreme in the field of new energy vehicles, which enables it to set this sales target. However, this target is still under great pressure for BYD.According to byd’s latest data, its sales volume in January was 95,422 units, up 125.05% year on year, among which the sales volume of new energy passenger cars was 92,926 units, up 365.65% year on year, achieving the target of 7.9%.Great Wall Motor: 1.9 million vehicles Among its own brands, Great Wall Motor is also among the best performers.Great Wall motor sold 1,280,993 units in 2021, up 15.2 percent year on year, data showed.In terms of specific brands, The sales source of Great Wall Motor will still be Haf brand in 2021, with the annual cumulative sales increasing by 2.64% to 770,008 units. Euler brand is the brand with the biggest increase, with the annual sales increasing by 140% to 135,028 units. The annual sales of tank brand after independence will be 84,588 units.WEY, which is positioned at the high-end, was the only brand to suffer a decline, with its cumulative sales falling 25.65% year-on-year to 58,363 units.Great Wall Motor will make great changes in 2021. For example, it will independently launch a new high-end off-road tank brand in April 2021, and launch a new high-end salon car in November 2021. The first model mecaron will be officially released and launched in limited edition.In addition, Haval brand and WEY brand launched a number of new models in the year, including Haval First love, Haval Red Rabbit, WEY Moka, WEY Macchiato and so on.In May 2021, when Great Wall motor announced its equity incentive plan, it set sales targets for 2021-2023 — 1.49 million units in 2021, 1.9 million in 2022 and 2.8 million in 2023.However, when setting the sales target, Great Wall Did not consider the impact of the market. Although Great Wall performed reasonably well in 2021, it did not complete the target of 2021. As for the sales volume of 1.9 million vehicles in 2022, the year-on-year growth reached 48.32%.At the beginning of this year, FAW Group proposed to achieve the sales target of 4.1 million vehicles in 2022, up 17.1% year on year, of which faW-Volkswagen undertakes 2 million vehicles, FAW Toyota undertakes 1 million vehicles, Hongqi undertakes 450-500,000 vehicles, and Pentium undertakes 100,000 vehicles.For FAW-Volkswagen, the 2 million unit sales target should not be difficult if the impact of the chip shortage improves.It is understood that in 2021, FAW-Volkswagen has sold 1,857,777 new cars at its terminals, among which 988,677 were sold by Volkswagen brand terminals, 700,088 by Audi brand terminals and 169,012 by Jetta brand terminals.Compared with FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Toyota is more interesting in 2022.At the beginning of 2021, FAW Toyota had set a target of reaching 880,000 vehicles and challenging 920,000 vehicles. However, due to market reasons, FAW Toyota achieved a cumulative sales volume of 860,019 vehicles in 2021, with a year-on-year growth of 8%, but failed to reach its target.In 2022, FAW Toyota set a target of 1 million vehicles, and the market performance of the corolla Reefer, Linfang HARRIER and other models launched within the year will directly determine whether this enterprise can achieve the target.Faw group’s independent sector still depends on hongqi brand, which plans to sell 450,000 to 500,000 vehicles in 2022, only 50,000 more than in 2021.According to the latest data released by FAW Hongqi, the sales volume in January 2022 was 42,100 vehicles, up 30% year on year, and the sales volume in the first month of the year was 42,100 vehicles, which may indicate that hongqi brand will have a good performance in this year.Dongfeng Motor Group: 3.471 million as one of the large domestic automakers, Dongfeng Motor Group also relies on the joint venture segment.The first is Dongfeng Honda. In 2021, due to irresistible reasons, its annual sales declined by 10.40% year-on-year to 761,879 units. It is not difficult to pick up in 2022.However, in 2022, Dongfeng Honda will launch a number of blockbuster models, such as the new generation CR-V/XR-V, the new pure electric E :NS1, etc., these new cars may drive dongfeng Honda’s sales performance to a certain extent.The second is DpCA. Although French cars occupy only 0.6% market share in China, dpCA’s performance in 2021 is still worthy of affirmation, with annual sales exceeding 100,000 units. The biggest boost behind this performance is Versailles C5X, which has just been launched, with sales exceeding 5,000 units in two consecutive months.To some extent, Versailles will directly affect the performance of DpCA, after all, Versailles is currently the highest selling model of DpCA.Of course, in November last year, Dongfeng Motor Group listed the sale of 25% of dongfeng Yueda Kia Automotive Co., LTD., dongfeng Yueda Kia will withdraw from Dongfeng Group in the future.In 2021, Kia sold 163,400 units in China. Although the sales volume has been declining for many years, how Dongfeng group will make up the gap after losing Kia is also a big interest in 2022.In addition to the above car enterprises, GaC Group, Chery Group and other car enterprises also announced the annual target, chery Group plans to 1.5 million cars, strive to 2 million cars.According to data, Chery Group’s cumulative sales volume in 2021 was 961,926 units, up 31.7% year on year, regardless of the annual sales volume of 1.5 million units or 2 million units, the increase is not small.From the sales targets announced by major car companies, they are very confident about the market performance this year. If the overall market maintains stable development in the year, it is very possible for some car companies to achieve the target.