Cangzhou Normal College is good 2?

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Cangzhou Normal University is a very good second college.Cangzhou Normal University (Cangzhou Normal University) is an application-oriented college of higher education, which mainly focuses on education disciplines, covering liberal arts, science, engineering, management, art and other disciplines. Cangzhou Normal University is also authorized to confer bachelor’s degrees.Cangzhou Normal University is in Hebei for undergraduate examination, we usually consider cangzhou Normal University is an undergraduate university.If you are not a candidate from Hebei province, cangzhou Normal University is the second batch of undergraduate students in your province, you can also say cangzhou Normal University is two universities.2. The school was rated as “Civilized Unit of Hebei Province” by the provincial Party Committee and government, and “Demonstration Base of Science and Technology Innovation Education for Teenagers in Hebei Province”.It has won many honorary titles such as the first batch of “Training Base for Young Volunteers of Hebei Province to Popularize French”, “Hebei May 4th Red Flag League Committee”, and “Excellent Group of Young Volunteers of Hebei Province”.The central committee of the league awarded “MM Million youth entrepreneurship plan” outstanding organization award.It was selected as the first high school cultural forum in Hebei Province.Journal of Cangzhou Normal University was named “National Outstanding University Social Science Journal” in 2014.The school’s achievements have won wide praise from the society.3. Cangzhou Normal University has been selected as 2 provincial excellent courses (instrumental Analysis, etc.) and 1 provincial comprehensive reform model (Chemistry).It has Chinese wushu training base, Hebei Province Wushu electrification Education and communication base, Hebei Province intangible cultural heritage communication base, national wildlife origin disease early warning station and other platform bases.