Chongqing Stone Pillar: Ma Yingcui, a CPPCC member and primary school teacher, takes root in her hometown without regret

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There is a group of people, in the Tujia shanzhai quietly cultivated.Three feet platform, they sow hope, carve the soul, inherit civilization;By writing their lives, they light up their hearts, fly their dreams and practice their loyalty.In the long river of unheard life, the child is their all, the student is their future.They will be the flowers of life, quietly blooming in the depths of the mountains of each mountain, cultivating a batch of pillars, deduce the wonderful life on the ordinary post.They are silently dedicated mountain teachers, for the mountain education painted a beautiful rainbow.In this vast sea of people, there is a poor mountainous area tujia female teacher, welcomed by the local people.She is stone zhu Tujia Autonomous county 11th CPPCC committee member, stone zhu Tujia autonomous County intellectual federation member, in yi township primary school teacher Ma Yingcui.”I have a big garden in my house, full of bees, butterflies, dragonflies, grasshoppers…Class, this is the opening paragraph of Grandfather’s Garden that you have just read.Now let’s see what Grandfather’s garden looks like…”On February 21st, after catching a cold for several days, Teacher Ma Yingcui did not ask for leave from the leader. As usual, she prepared the lesson carefully according to the previous night, and started a new lesson with one stroke on the blackboard.Twenty years of a three-foot platform and a three-inch pen make wrinkles.In August 2017, Zhongyi township was identified as the municipal depth of poverty township.Ma Yingcui, a 38-year-old teacher, works here and is a native of her hometown.After graduating from the then Zhongyixiang Primary School in 1996, Ma yingcui went to qianjiang Normal School for Nationalities.After graduating from normal School, she went back to her Alma mater, Zhongyixiang Primary School, and became a teacher for 20 years.In 20 years, she is filled with enthusiasm into the education of the mountainous area, with love to cultivate the children in the mountainous area: outside the classroom, she is a big friend, on the playground she often plays with the students, it is difficult to distinguish the teacher’s figure;In the classroom, she is a strict teacher, students sitting straight, loud sound of books, people can easily feel the rigor of the classroom.She is the most special relatives of students, she will slowly feed the seeds of knowledge with a love.At present, Ms. Ma is the head teacher and Chinese teacher of the fifth grade of the school, and also the counselor of the Young Pioneers of Zhongyi Township Primary School.”When I graduated from normal School, the school had moved from the old temple where I studied to the new school building, but the conditions were still very difficult.”Many of Ma Yingcui’s classmates are working as teachers in urban schools, and their conditions are better than zhongyi Xiang’s. As for her original intention to return to her hometown 20 years ago, Ma yingcui’s answer is simple and grateful: “I am from Zhongyi. I have no choice but to give back to my hometown!”My children can’t live without me, and I can’t live without them. In the past 20 years, Ma Yingcui has had to leave and stick to it more than once.”If they all go to places with good conditions, what about rural education?What about the children in the country?”In the face of opportunities and people around the admonitions, the 80 tujia girl Ma Yingcui firm attitude.In her words, “It never occurred to me to leave.”This firm original intention, on the one hand, is the nostalgia and gratitude to the native people, on the other hand, because of the students.Twenty years ago, Ma Ying cui yi township primary schools into the classroom in first came to the scene, let her can’t forget — more than 80 pupils of the class, all with innocent, eager eyes looked at her, let you shoulder the burden of, she swear in the heart, must use their knowledge of normal schools, with family full of love, good education of each child.”Once in a while, when I came back, my students would gather around me and say, ‘Miss Ma, why haven’t you come to our classroom for so many days?Please don’t leave us…”Ma yingcui recalled.”Another time, a child after class took my hand and said: last night I dreamed you were transferred to the city, the whole class are crying around you not allowed to go, wake up, tears wet the quilt…”Recall to this time, Ma Yingcui eyes full of tears.The children’s undisguised true feelings were deeply impressed in Ma Yingcui’s mind, which made her love her students more and made her more determined to take root in the education in mountainous areas.After 20 years of perseverance and determination, Ma Yingcui is not only called “Teacher Ma”, but also “mother” among her students.”Maybe those who have not taught in the mountainous area would not understand the touching little actions of students or what it means to call them ‘mom,’ but what I understand is responsibility,” Ma recalled.”The children can’t live without me, and I can’t live without them!”Ma yingcui said that she would like to send more and more children to the mountains to learn the skills and then return to their hometown to develop their hometown and make it richer and more beautiful.According to their aptitude, let each child become the study master the international famous educator Su Huom linsky said: “the talented person in the world is not that the problem is that educators must be good at to discover each student’s talents, interests, hobbies and expertise, provide sufficient conditions for their performance and development and the right guide”.In teaching and class management, Ma yingcui attaches great importance to teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. She can promote students’ all-round development according to their individual differences.However, Ma yingcui always said that she was too young to share her teaching philosophy with others. She could only share three words with others: squat down, communicate and time.She just came to the school work, then served as the head teacher of a class, four years passed, graduation when the children are reluctant to part.How do you build relationships with your children?Is gentle squat down, through communication into the child’s state of mind, with time to warm and influence the child.Gradually, she and her children became a loving family.Ma Yingcui is in charge of children’s lunch. In her class, a girl who has been doted on since she was a child has been playing truant, swearing and fighting, making her parents very upset.In order to understand the child’s ideas, Ma Ying cui thought a lot of ways to make friends with her, how many time to rest, Ma Ying cui chat with her heart, so stick to a half semester, hard work in exchange, the students changed a lot of bad habits, learning progress, keep on top of the class.In order to raise each child well, Ma Yingcui is often tired physically and mentally, but often enjoys it.Teaching and educating people is a systematic project. Ma Yingcui regards students with different personalities as flowers of various shapes and forms, and caresses them carefully. She cares about students with the warmth of a mother, moves them with the affection of a friend, and scatters true feelings and harvests sunshine with her selfless dedication.”Teach students according to their aptitude, so that every child becomes the master of learning!”Recalling her 20 years of teaching career, Ma yingcui honestly said that she had no choice but to take root in her hometown for the sake of children in mountainous areas and the future of education in mountainous areas.Ma Yingcui teacher, in the ordinary education and teaching post, hard work, silent dedication, has been with simple heart and persistent pursuit to write a song rooted in the mountain, willing to contribute to the mountain hymn, let youth and life in the depths of the mountain flash.(AoJun Tan Huaxiang)