“City of Time” “social master” Duranxin, like her transparent, is also trapped by love

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In The City of Time, besides the goddess Feng Shizhen (Jing Tian), my favorite female character is “social master” Duranxin (Hai Ling)!This miss Du, who was born in a distinguished family, she was knowledgeable, she spoke well, and she lived a sober life.The identity that she knows very well du jia daughter is her this lifetime the most important assure, then, she pretence is darling female, the arrangement that obeys parents and Rong Jia go up (Xu Wei Zhou is acted the role of) be engaged.Don’t understand the style of Rongjia, he is not the dish of Duran xin, but she does not mind marrying him.This marriage has nothing to do with her feelings, but is a necessary condition for the alliance between Rong and Du. As a tool person, she must play her role well in order to maximize her interests.Of course, the heart is like the mirror of her, early in the morning also saw Rongjia does not love her, to consolidate his position, she can only find another way.Lovelorn Yang Xiucheng is duranxin’s second way of holding the power of the Rong family, so she approached him, warm him, she moved him with a few words, they decided to work together to outrun Rong Jia, in order to get all the Rong family.Win die-hard fan Yang Xiucheng, duran xin wishful thinking will work?The answer is clearly no.In the original story, Duran xin has not entered the door of the house, she is pregnant, the child’s father is Yang Xiucheng, and Rong Jia on the sensitive perception of his fiancee.Rongjia originally did not want to marry Duran xin, now, she lifted the engagement of the excuse personally offered, he naturally borrow slope donkey, take advantage of the tie out of this marriage.And, unmarried pregnant Duran xin, nature will not have good results, she lost the face of du jia, also lost Rongjia on this wealth son-in-law, she wants to marry a lover in the future, difficulty is very big.Yang Xiucheng, who seems to be devoted to her, is not a responsible man.Otherwise, he knew she and Rongjia on the engagement, he as rongdingkun’s most loyal subordinate, he should not provoke the master’s fiancee.Yu Zhihui is Yang xiucheng’s childhood sweetheart, and they had an engagement, but when he learned that her family’s economic strength was deteriorating, he was reluctant to go through with the marriage.Yu Zhihui cornered, can only be dangerous, she destroyed their reputation, and get enough life to spend the savings, she went away completely left this piece of sad.”Phoenix male” Yang Xiucheng faces the fiancee that grows up together as a child still and so heartless, how can he care about the dead or alive of Duran xin?He is willing to and Duran xin together, but he is the need for her identity, Du family great cause, can become his career on the ladder, if she married into the home to become the master mother, he can also use her, in the home to mix wind and water, no longer have to see the face of the father and son of the home act.Unfortunately, Duran xin luck a little bad, she unmarried pregnant, lost to become Rongjia on the wife of the qualifications, but also lost du daughter prominent identity.Such a Duranxin, became the second Yu Zhihui, he naturally abandoned her.Anyhow, “the city of time of light” connect fully be like Duran xin, be trapped for affection place likewise, she thinks to play the game of a cat play mouse, can stand tall in the home that allow not to fall, who knows, she carelessly sent his sincerity, result, she lost everything, also failed to change the happiness in getting her imagination!