Golden Cave: The power warrior protects power supply against snow and ice

2022-04-22 0 By

Yongzhou today – (correspondent In glory June) for days, freezing rain and the storm, with a new round of cold wave approaching, the hole administrative zone gold hole town tent village in cold water, cold area such as leeches ridge is covered by a thick layer of ice and snow, cause a different degree of ice of the power supply facilities, more than 300 users electricity be badly affected.An arduous campaign to protect people’s livelihood and power supply of anti-ice disaster relief has begun.State grid Qiyang city power supply company general manager Peng Yuhuai, Party secretary Zhang Yuanshan led the jin Dong power supply staff, mountain climbing wading water, organized anti-ice rescue.Golden tent village in town in a hole is a yao village, 381 villagers, lines belong to 10 kv substation 110 kv gold hole gold tan lines, the village, a total of three area, the highest cold water source area of leeches, elevation 1217 meters, the line affected by low temperature sleet freezing weather, 13 household electricity yao compatriots, maintenance position on top of the snow mountain is located in nearly 1000 meters above sea level,The temperature is around minus 3 degrees Celsius and the snow is 20cm thick.In the middle of each line is the deep invisible valley bottom, the construction is difficult, and the only way up the mountain is covered with ice, and there are many trees crushed by snow, so the tools, materials and vehicles needed for the construction of the mountain cannot be transported.”If the car does not come, we will transport the emergency repair materials and equipment even if we carry them with shoulder resistance. We must be more careful when we go up the mountain.”Jin Dong power supply office staff feng Guanghui will be the first to rush in front of directly carry a roll of more than 100 pounds of heavy naked wire to the mountain.Snow is bitter in high latitude area, wet by rain and snow in the mountains of cotton-padded jacket is frozen into the shell shell, the road rugged, skid severe ice and snow mountain road shoulder was a not easy thing to bare wire walking, repair team a foot deep one feet shallow ground to walk in the snow, no clear way for road with machetes, foot sliding, can only hold the roadside trees.When we arrived at the destination, his clothes had already been drenched with sweat, rest for a moment, sweat and snow and water were frozen together.In such bad ice cold weather for a long time direct operations, repair team strength appeared overdraw, busy in nervous job, while streaming with sweat, shivering manning, has been the challenge the limit of the body, the team is busy from morning to night, through their efforts, that need to be in the second day to the end of the repair work, they finished it in the evening.Up to now, Jindong Power Supply Station has dispatched 5 emergency repair commandos and maintained 9 lines in total, involving more than 30 stations.But their footsteps still did not stop, stick to the anti-ice power line, still fighting side by side with the players in the snow, with the action to protect the lights.