IPhone11 “inventory machine” overturned, check the machine found to be a bomb!

2022-04-22 0 By

Has anyone ever heard of “stock machine”, “replacement machine”, “activate unused” and so on?These are the professional words made up by businesses, and there are a lot of explanations behind these words, which sound very professional, but in fact are full of loopholes.For example, in order to complete apple’s activation task, dealers activate their phones in advance. These iphones are not used, so they are cheap.If you believe in these words, you are definitely in for a trick, because most of the businesses that use these words sell refurbished phones!Net friend fell in, bought a so-called new inventory machine, in fact, is the bombe, than the refurbished machine terror!One feature of these iphones is that they look very new on the outside and very messy on the inside.The appearance is new because it has been refurbished. The shell, screen, battery and other important components of this kind of iPhone are basically highly imitation. Although there are no problems in normal use, the daily experience is general, such as broken contact, poor battery life, poor signal and other common problems.From the machine report can be seen, the machine is iPhone11 256GB black, China line version, network model is A2223, battery efficiency 100%, charge 40 times.If you look at the numbers alone, the iPhone11 is perfect.But what you don’t know is that these data are changed by the business, deliberately let you see.The purpose is to convince you that the machine is original.After all, it’s not a secret to change data these days, and you can do it for a few tens of dollars.To make matters worse, the model and memory on the machine can also be changed.So what you see is probably not the original installation.The easiest way to verify that an iPhone has changed its data is to check the serial number of the device’s overall report.Let’s take a look at the iPhone11’s overall report.The screenshot is the overall report of the iPhone11, and you can see a lot of unusual data.The machine’s original memory is 64GB, now is 256GB, is to expand the machine undoubtedly.The original network model was A2111, now it is A2223, changed network model.Activation date is July 2020, use more than a year, the battery is still 100%, impossible.The original purchase place was the United States (American version), now it is the Country (China), changed the sales place.The us version is iPhone11 for the entity single SIM card, China line for double card, so changed the card slot.The machine has changed the shell, screen, expanded capacity, changed the card slot, brush the battery data and the underlying data.It’s not just a retrofit. It’s a bombe.The key is this kind of iPhone hidden very well, the general white simply can not find the problem, so the car is very much, we should pay attention to this kind of iPhone, not to be the business of professional words to fool.